Street Fighter logo Font?

Well, I tried a search, and once I came up with 6 unrelated threads, and once I came up with 15 pages…

Hopefully a very simple question: what’s the font used in the Street Fighter logos? One font (and a few variants on it) are used in just about every game from SF1 and SF2 to SPF2T, XMVSF and SF3. So what is it?

Here are a couple of ones that are similar: Informal Roman, Biffo MT, Brush 738, Zombie Guts Yanked Italic and Rapier. Which one of these looks the most accurate to you guys? And does anybody know of a closer one?


My guess is its not a complete font set, just a piece of art.

Yeah, I guessed it probably was… Just something they made up letter by letter…

But still, it does look close to a couple of other fonts, and it would be good to get an approximate match that has the right characteristics.

It can’t really be a set font unless all instances of a character look identical, right? Every single “T” in each of those pictures looks different. So does the “E” and the “R”

Well, yeah. I know it’s not something they just typed out and selected from a menu. But what I’m saying is that it started out somewhere. We know it’s scalable (I’ve seen those logos on huge billboards with no pixellation). So presumably they had an original font, and then modified it during the creation of the logo, and probably pulled the glyphs about a bit after it was finished as well. It’s obviously meant to look like it was hand-drawn…

So anyway, does anybody have anything that resembles them? Any advances on Rapier LET or Brush738 BT?

Yeah that’s called outlining the font. For someone to reproduce it, it would probably take quite a while to do.

It could have been hand-drawn, and then turned into a vector image with illustrator.

Being text and vector doesn’t mean that it has to be a font.


But anyway, does anybody have/know a 3rd-party font that looks similar to the logo?

Just found the following:
The font used for the headings in the SFA3 manual was Roost Heavy. This was also used for the title screen of AfterBurner…

I’ve seen fonts made out of logos that weren’t really fonts to begin with…

Just found out that the Roost Heavy font is used on the back of Amir Khan’s dressing gown. Oh, and of course, it’s also used for some onscreen messages in an early MK game.

Found out that the Capcom logo font is Korinna Extra Bold.

Oh, and in the Game Over screen in Final Fight…

im surprised for a hugely popular game thats been around for 20 odd years, nobody made a font set :looney:

dont know if you came across this -

Well worth bookmarking that site tonne of awesome images, check this pic of cammy

There was also a font named shoryuken that was used on US based SF manuals for the super street fighter logo in snes but ist not the same with the SF2 logo used in the games

lol I typed “shoryuken font” into google, and my thread I created a couple of days ago requesting the afro samurai font is top :rolleyes:

Share but not accurate

the shoryuken font was used on this