Street Fighter IV vs Street Fighter V

Let’s compare the launch games… Which one is better in which aspects.

I’d say no contest here, because it’s obvious there couldn’t be possible competition.

Home version of SFIV had more characters, but Street Fighter V redesigned and gave new gameplay to many classics. I still prefer the one of SFIV, they had some on-point choices like featuring Fei Long who was mostly a forgotten character.

While the designs of the SFV new characters are better, I preferred the gameplay of those from SFIV.

Street Fighter V this time.

Street Fighter IV had unlockable characters and other stuff via the arcade mode. The “story mode” of Street Fighter V is not animated, short and lackluster, and it looks like unlocking characters could be a pain in the ass.

Street Fighter IV was better.

I’d give the win to Street Fighter IV this time :slight_smile:

I think it’s pretty clear that IV was a better game on launch. It had way more to offer than V did.

3rd Strike

Quoted for teh lulz!


Here in Latin America, guys who could play SFIV with no problem, find extreme lag problems with SFV.

4 had fadc so it was a much worse game. 5 wins.

also 4 had a low tier guile in it at the beginning, 5 doesnt even have guile so obviously 0 is better than -1 so 5 wins.

im winning this game right? no contest.

Let’s Make An Objective Argument and Use My Opinions As The Basis Behind My Comparisons: The Thread

SF4 better online? WTF? lol

I like the way you think. Do you have a magazine I can subscribe to?

I dont know where are you from, here in Argentina SFIV was garbage online. SFV online is awesome

pretty sure “here in latin america” meant “i am maggogg and i have answers to questions no one was asking”

Alpha 3

Put gems in both games, then there’s no contest.

Uh, it’s not even close. SF4’s online worked day one, SFV’s was so bad Capcom had to shut the servers down. SF4 didn’t require 3-5 minute wait times just to find an opponent, unlike SFV. SF4 had a built-in day one countermeasure for rage quitters, SFV didn’t even bother with that and now we have an epidemic that’s causing people to seriously not want to even bother playing.

Saying SF4 had better online isn’t subjective opinions, it’s just a fact if you actually use your brain.

Try it sometime, thinking is awesome.

I think as for launch, SFIV was clearly more successful. However, i do believe in regards to long-term, SFV will eventually edge out SFIV

I live in Latin America, SFIV was a lagfest and SFV works like a glove.

I think you must be talkin’ about de-sync.

I don’t think you can compare the two. Sure they both have Street Fighter in the name but their design and development processes are completely different.

IV had to remind people that SF existed. It had to not only tug at player’s nostalgia but also compete with the slightly more complex fighters that populated the Japanese arcades at the time. Speaking of which, it needed a fully functioning arcade version. It didn’t have a pre-established community at the scope V has.

IV had a lot more pressure put on it, and if it just tanked, we likely wouldn’t have seen Super or the rest of the updates.
V comes on the scene with everything basically in place for it to succeed, so they can take the risks of trying a different format and different mechanics.

They’re both terrible games.

I think SFV is more fun than SFIV.

Thus SFV wins.

Though the entire product being sold at the moment is pretty bad.

PS: 3rd Strike 4 lyfe