Street Fighter IV Final Combo Video

This is my final combo video for Street Fighter IV, if anyone enjoys it I’ll maybe do more combo videos (but for Super Street Fighter IV ofc.).

Besides that I want to tell that how unfair life is right now :frowning: Capcom, or Ono told that this time everyone would get their hands on Super Street Fighter IV on the same day, at least the same week. This is how it is right now: a lot of people already have it in USA (retail copy), that’s sick, otherwise the oficial release there is 27th April, here in Sweden it’s 30th, that’s lame!

Anyway, enjoy the combo video!

—> [media=youtube]N5CqXPqOCMU[/media]

recorded on a camera phone and edited in window movie maker, I wasn’t able to get through the whole thing, It would have been better if it was shorter and didn’t have some of those combos I’ve seen a million times.

It wasn’t a camera phone it was a webcam and Windows Movie Maker is cheap and I can’t afford more :’(

I’m with you that it would have been better if I didn’t do those combos you’ve “seen a million times”, but this was just some of my favorite combos. Nothing special.

PS. your avatar is really annoying XD :stuck_out_tongue:

XD Can’t help but say, damn Monir nice lookin’ out. That thing is annoying, litteral lol here.

I liked it and subbed, so there :stuck_out_tongue: