Street Fighter IV FightPad Action Voice Command Key Chain

Got a couple of these for me and some workmates for a bit of a gag :bgrin:
We’ll be practicing in the office getting ready for SSFIV :blush:


Not sure though if they are Sanwa parts though.

haha…awesome. I’d love to have one of these to annoy my gf with lol.

can i mod the joystick in buttons lol i prefer the happ joysticks

The one I got was a piece of crap. It worked for about an hour or so, put it down, and then came back the next day and the voices now only sound for about one 8th of a second. My Dhalsim one the first day was going, “Yoga Flame!” “Yoooooga Catastrophe!” Now it just says, “Yo!”. Maybe dead battery.

The same thing happened to my Ryu one. Then later on I some how fired the board. That’s when I decided to go ahead and mod it to be a functioning arcade stick :slight_smile:

Saw a link awhile ago but forgot…anybody got a link where to purchase? Thx!

Or see my post from 6 or 7 months ago :wink:

Thanks guys/gals!

LOL! I knew somebody would mod one of these. I can’t wait to see that! I have the Chun-Li version. They are not that fun to play with but it looks cool on a shelf next to my other sticks and madcatz rd 2 keychain.

No wait.
You can already see it.

LOL! Awesome. I wonder if Daigo could whoop my ass w/ one of those?:confused:

I have one… Works pretty well. Not perfect though

no guile or rog? ::leaves::

There is Guile.