Street Fighter IV Crashing

Hi, I just bought Street Fighter IV and it runs fine all max settings but I have a problem. When I go into settings and try to change the AA, Fullscreen, Vertical Sync, or Aspect Ratio the game crashes instantly. Is there anyway to fix this? I can’t even change my resolution because it just shows it as: _ _ _ _ x _ _ _ _ Thanks in advance.

You already got a copy? wow. >_> lucky you to get PC version so soon.

Full System spec? processor, operating system, ram, vid card?

umm if you really want to get it you can find it…

I get my games from local Zellers as no one ever goes and my friend works there. :tup:

Also system specs:

Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit
CPU Type: Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 2.53G
Memory Size: 4GB DDR2
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GS
Video Memory: 512MB DDR3

Mines doesnt crash and my laptop specs are similar to yours, maybe you could try updating your video drivers.

Laptop Specs:
Gateway P7805u FX
1920x1200 LG screen
Intel SSD+320 WD scorpio black
m9800GTS 1GB
Intel T9800 cpu
Vista Ultimate 64 bit

benchmark has the same problem with nvidia card in full screen, Change AA to 8 or 16xCSAA, those work.

I had the same problem with the benchmark program (I have a different vid card though). I had to manually adjust the settings in the .ini file. Look under (your user name) > app data > capcom.

Thanks for the replies but could you be a little more specific? Where do I find app data folder? I can’t find it. Thanks.

Also my drivers are updated, I tried several different drivers actually.

As for 8x and 16xCSAA I have no luck… When I select it and then try to move the cursor away or hit enter or back or whatever it crashes instantly.

Im having the same problem too

I cannot change the framerate or vsync and cannot find this “app data” folder anywhere to change the settings in the .ini file.

this is really pissing me off because my laptop should def be able to run this game at 60 fps.

ahh u have to change it manualy i c.

click start - control panel - click classic view - folder options -view tab

find "hidden files and folders"
and click on "Show hidden files and folders"

then go to ur username folder - Appdata - Local - CAPCOM - STREETFIGHTERIV
the config.ini should be there

in xp i think the Appdata folder is in documents and settings folder.

you should be adjusting the game settings via your GPU’s menu winthin windows and not through SFIV menu.

this should be done for all games and not just this one.

did you try updating video drivers, that solved my problems

Any solution to black screen crashign at radnom times in game? Ati vpu recover sets in because the vga “stopped responding” to the game… Im running p4 3.2, hd 3850 agp, 4 gb ram, runs fine just crashes randomly. Very f’ing annoying. Using cat 9.6’s btw, heard rollign back to 9.4s might fix it up, will try later.

Question- when manually configging, what’s the thing you type in for antialiasing?

I tried 4X but that didn’t work.

did u fix the problem, I also having the same problem with my 3850, my nvidia card works fine…

No problem here with a 4870.Uninstall your videodrivers and download DriverSweeper_2.1.0-[].Then put your pc in safe mode and run this program and clean out your drivers files with it.Then restart and reinstall your video drivers.

monkey, which catalyst version do u use?

btw my powersupply is only 430W not sure if that the problem is…