"Street Fighter" inspired by a movie?

I know that there are many inspirations for the “Street Fighter” games: Dhalsim is based on the guy from “Master of the Flying Guillotine” (or, according to other sources, on something from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”), Bison is Kato etc.

But is there a specific movie that served as the inspiration for “Street Fighter I” or “Street Fighter II” as a whole?

For example, while aspects of the original “Mortal Kombat” have shoutouts to Jean Claude van Damme, “Big Trouble in Little China” or “The Terminator”, the overall plot is based specifically on “Enter the Dragon”. Other movies might provide bits and pieces to the game, but if you are looking for the movie that inspired the “Mortal Kombat” plot, it’s this one and nothing else. “Mortal Kombat” = “Enter the Dragon” with supernatural stuff and some characters taken from other movies.

So, I wanted to ask if you can do the same for “Street Fighter”? Is there a specific single movie that can be called the inspiration for either “Street Fighter I” or “Street Fighter II”?


Are you sure? I’ve seen the movie and, yes, ironically, this Van Damme movie is much more “Street Fighter” than the actual Van Damme “Street Fighter” movie. But did the creators of “Street Fighter I” or “Street Fighter II” actually think of this film when they created their plot?

Game of Death, then Bloodsport

Also i doubt SF took inspiration from movies

Tournaments and duels between very different and characteristic styles/schools was a long time tradition of martial arts culture

The “world tournament” format is just a bigger version of it born in the first years of a globalized world

I don’t know about the entire film being based on it but I know a ton of inspiration for street Fighter 2 as far as fighting scenes go was taken from a 1975 Charles Bronson film Hard Times

Definitely bloodsport was the main inspiration,

Its also why they named it “the world warrior”.