Street Fighter III New Generation Tool-Assisted Combo Video (Removed because of copyrighted music)

Download 60 FPS video:

This combo video was started sometime in 2011 but I took long breaks between making combos. First long break was when I realized I couldn’t find 100% combo for Sean and I just lost inspiration to continue. Next year (2012), I messed around with Sean against Oro and found out awesome 100% combo. That gave me inspiration to finish other combos as well. After that, I found out 100% combos for all other characters except Elena. She is only character for which I didn’t find out 100% combo and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have one. I tested a lot against Oro but her damn SA1 hits too many times which reduces stun damage. In 2013, I tried to edit it many times, but I had trouble. I didn’t do much about this cmv in 2013, but I got very determined to finish it few days before 2014, and I barely did it.

The delay was due to many technical difficulties and my own laziness. I started editing it many times and then stopped (often had to). How I did it in just few days before 2014 is a surprise to me. Previous editing attempts helped because I didn’t have to test what music fits and what is a good order for clips. Editing my first combo video took months (although I was discovering new combos at that time too) and that pushed me away from the job too.

I’ll list combos from the video and provide some background on each combo:

Elena vs Oro --------------------------------------------------

Elena is the only character that doesn’t have 100% combo. Her SA1 hits too many times which reduces stun damage too much and she also lacks damage power in general. I had 3 versions of her combo. I wanted her clip to be shown first and then all 100% combos afterwards.

As you can see, Elena is crouching in beggining of combo because she is constantly moving while in standing position which makes positioning for elaborate combos difficult.

Ibuki vs Sean --------------------------------------------------

Although it looks like simple combo, the starting combo barely manages to stun Sean. Every move before F+HK must hit as fast as possible. One frame delay and it wouldn’t stun. Ibuki’s close HK resets juggle limit, which allows her to juggle so many times on stun.

Sean vs Oro --------------------------------------------------

I made a big break on making this combo video simply because I couldn’t find out 100% combo for Sean. I tried various stuff, and ended with incomplete Sean vs Oro script. The idea for this combo is loosely based on that incomplete script. It provided the idea of being reset by Oro’s SA2.

Sean’s broken HK Tatsumaki stun damage blinded me. In the end, it wasn’t even solution to this 100% combo.

Sean parries 2 hits so that Oro’s SA2 has 2 hits left before it disappears. Sean hits Oro with close HK and link HK. After that, he’s pushed away from Oro and gets hit by Oro’s SA2 which gives Sean time to link SA1. Sean is pushed away again so he gets reset by Oro’s SA2 which gives him enough time to dash forward and juggle Oro with MP>HP SRK>SA1 and stun him (dash, MP has 1 frame timing). For finishing combo, Sean jumps with early MK, walks forward and connects cl.HK, walks forward again and links c.MK>SA1 for K.O. Walking forward made it possible for Sean to be close enough to link c.MK>SA1 (1 frame timing).

Dudley vs Sean --------------------------------------------------

LK Ducking Straight against Sean’s air LK makes Dudley recover sooner than he should (in this game you can trade heavy and light attacks). Dudley’s SA1 after MP, so it allows Dudley to juggle after it, just like in 3rd Strike.

If you look closely, you will notice glitch in the sky on the right side. It’s emulator’s fault.

Alex vs Elena --------------------------------------------------

Elena is only character on which Alex can connect multiple MP Slashes. This allows him to perform 100% combo. Still, I tried to utilize this as least as I could because it’s not a new trick.

Yun vs Yang --------------------------------------------------

If Yun’s air LP>LK target combo hits 2 out of 3 times, it will reset juggle limit. If it hits 3 times, it ends combo. Some moves in NG simply reset juggle limit. That was important tool in this combo.

When HK Roll hits after 2nd Genei Jin, Yun isn’t in SA3 mode, but it acts like he is because it was done slightly before SA3 ended. That makes Yang much higher in air, otherwise ordinary HK Roll would end combo.

Yang vs Yun --------------------------------------------------

One of my favorite combos. It looks good because of variety of moves used. I barely made this into 100% combo, with the moves I wanted. The effort of experimenting with a lot of different moves paid off. It was one of those satisfying combo video making moments.

When Yun juggled with cl.MK>Jump Cancel, late air LP>LK, it inspired the idea for Yang’s combo. You can see Yang doing it too, and then doing Palm special move.

Yang had to start this combo on airborne Yun so he could connect cl.MK after HK Roll. After that what you see doesn’t need explanation until maybe HK Dive Kick into cl.MP, which is 1 frame juggle. Even though it may look to someone that it’s a reset into SA1, it isn’t, because I tested if Yun was able to parry it.

Necro vs Ken --------------------------------------------------

Necro jumps and hits Ken with late HK. Ken crouched slightly before he got hit, so it made him get hit in crouching position, even though he was in standing position when he was hit. Hit on crouch has more hit stun time (and damage), which allows Necro to connect HP Snake.

After stun, Necro does SA3 before Ken is on his feet, so that it hits only 2 times, which allows Necro attack sooner so he can juggle with LP Snake 4 times and finishes with DF+HP. Standing LP after K.O. is 6th and final juggle (6 hits is juggle limit).

Ken vs Necro --------------------------------------------------

When I was making my first (SFIII 3rd Strike) combo video, I tried various stuff against Necro’s Super Jump D+K because he is high in the air and it may lead to some interesting juggles. Seems like New Generation’s Ken can combo most against this move.

Necro Super Jumps and does D+HK, Ken walks under him and responds with LP SRK. Ken juggles 3 more times with LP SRK, then with cl.MP>LP SRK and finishes with SA3 which barely stuns Necro. Ken does MK before Necro fully got up, which makes it hit with its late frames (1 frame timing), which allows Ken to link standing LK>SA3 (1 frame timing again) and finish Necro.

It may appear that New Generation Ken has faster LP SRK than in 3rd Strike, but he doesn’t. He can’t even do 2 LP SRK in corner unless opponent was hit while in the air. His LP SRK, however, has smaller juggle value, so he can juggle with it so many times.

Oro vs Elena --------------------------------------------------

After UOH, for Oro’s close MP to launch Elena far in air while in Tengu Stone mode, it must hit without Tengu Stone. But for that to happen, all of his 3 Tengu Stone items must hit Elena. Otherwise, one of them will hit her on his cl.MP and she will be launched in air only a bit, disallowing Oro to juggle further. The trick is to get proper Tengu Stone items, with big hitbox. Then, all 3 items will hit Elena after UOH, and Oro’s cl.MP will hit normally because Tengu Stone items need time before they follow next attack.

For finish, Oro does cl.MP 5 times which only works on specific distance, otherwise it hits 2 times and finishes combo.

Gill vs Ryu --------------------------------------------------

This is the last combo I made, about year later after I finished everyone else’s combos. I originally did Gill vs Elena combo and finished it quickly without thinking much about it. It was not as stylish as this one and I really wanted to use Ryu’s 2nd stage. I wish Ryu had more health so I could demonstrate more juggles.

That final jump HP is weird. There is only 1 frame where Gill can land it, and because of game slowdown on K.O. I had to use auto-fire Jump+Forward+HP input. On game slowdown, you sometimes have to press button for longer time to be registered at all, so I could have also pressed Jump+Forward+HP for longer time. In this game, you can press Jump+Forward+Attack and it will come out immediately, unlike in 3rd Strike.

I had to use cheat to unlock Gill here.

Ryu vs Gill Zero Damage --------------------------------------------------

As you may notice, health bars are removed for this sequence. I did it because I made it after Ryu vs Gill combo and it had to be shown before it, so there would be round timer inconsistency. It was done by removing graphic layer 2 in fba-rr emulator. I just synchronized it visually to match next combo.

I made this sequence to synchronize the music.

Ryu vs Gill --------------------------------------------------

I might went too far with this combo. It’s very long and it took me 3 days to complete it. After that, I spend some more time researching how juggling Gill exactly works. I had 8 separate scripts for this combo. I did this because the combo is too long, and I couldn’t wait Ryu to end his juggles before I wanted to test if some new move will connect or not. I saved game and created new script every time Gill was hit by Shin Shoryuken. After I finished combo, I synchronized all 8 scripts in one full script by putting idle (waiting) frames before Ryu jumped to juggle after SA2. Timer is set to minimum speed because I thought I might need it for longer combo. Sony Vegas didn’t support large video file so I had to record first and second half of combo, and then synchronize them.

If I was ever going to go too far with a combo, this was the time to do it. I counted (carefully, twice) that Ryu hits Gill 139 times.

Infinite combo is basically a combo from which opponent can’t get out of. He can die or timer ends match. Gill cannot die and timer cannot end until Gill does resurrection, so this is truly an infinite combo. Even if Gill resurrects, Ryu still wins because time ended when Gill’s health bar was slightly restored.

I’m not gonna explain how every single move connected, so I’m gonna write down how juggling Gill after K.O. works (which is same thing):

You can re-stand Gill if you hit him just before he falls down. If he had full super meter after his health is drained, you can re-stand him as much as you want if you choose your juggles carefully. Light punch/kick moves must be used for re-stand, because after he’s hit by it, he’s in that “light K.O” animation, which gives you enough time to continue combo.

When far LP or cl.LP re-stands Gill, it resets juggle limit. Standing LK, c.LK, c.LP can be used too, but they won’t restart juggle limit.

Juggle system:

To juggle (not for re-stand, but actual mid air hit), Ryu can use: close LP, F+MP, air attacks, UOH, and SA2 which resets juggle limit. Using any other attack ends combo. Re-standing Gill with standing LP will reset juggle limit if it was done on last frame(s) of Gill’s fall, and counts as 0.5 juggle. Re-standing Gill with any other light attack doesn’t reset juggle limit, and it counts as 0.5 juggle. Jumping LP, LK, MP (first hit) can also re-stand Gill, but they’re useless because Ryu can’t follow up with anything.

Each move has juggle value. It means that 1 juggle can count as 1 or more hits. If a move has juggle value of 1 hit (Ryu’s air HP for example), it means that you can juggle with that move 6 times.

Juggle limit is anything beyond 5 hits. Light moves that re-stand Gill are 0.5 hits. Light moves that hit Gill after re-stand count as 0.5 hits. So, you can have 5.5 juggles and combo will end there.

You can hit Gill 5 times and still manage to end combo timer before he hits the ground. Why, if juggle limit is above 5 hits? Well, this is because each hit reduces time for your next juggle more and more until you have no time to juggle. That, in fact, is how juggle system works in SF3 series. That is why you can land even 7th juggle if you do it quickly enough. So, by hitting Gill with 5th attack while he’s too high in air will give him enough time to end combo timer before he even falls on the ground. This can only happen when he’s falling down for too long.

When SA2 doesn’t hit on startup, it hits multiple times and each attack counts as a juggle. If Ryu’s fist (upper part of SRK) touches Gill, combo will end sooner. In video, you can see Hadouken whiff > SA2, where SA2 hits Gill only 2 times. This was very hard to setup due to very strict positioning when using Hadouken whiff. It’s a lot easier to do it without Hadouken, but I wanted Ryu to use every special move in this combo.

I’ve done Ryu’s combo against 2P Gill. I tried to replicate combo against CPU Gill, but that was too difficult because even when I made it possible to start combo with Jump in HK on crouching CPU Gill, Ryu will eventually, randomly be further away than he was in combo I’m trying to replicate. While performing combo, in one frame Ryu is properly placed, and in next one he’s slightly behind than he was in original combo. That’s what messes up whole combo - mechanics randomness. This doesn’t happen because game is skipping frames or anything like that. It simply happens randomly.

I had similar situation in my first 3rd strike cmv. I tried to replicate and re-record Akuma vs Urien combo, but even though they were at proper distance, Akuma eventually dropped combo. I simply loaded and saved game again, without moving Akuma or Urien, and combo worked. That leads me to conclusion that combos with strict juggle timing work randomly, because one character randomly changes position during combo. Even slight change (1 pixel) can result in dropped combo.

So, the lesson for someone who makes combos here is - if you are trying some crazy combo and it doesn’t work, try it again from a different save game.

Technical stuff --------------------------------------------------

Emulator “cheat” was used to remove background music.

I used fba-rr-v005a emulator and MacroLua script for tool-assistance and recording. Clips were recorded in huge uncompressed AVI files and then edited with Sony Vegas Pro 12. Final version was then encoded separately with MeGUI.

I encoded it in 30 FPS for smoother playback because YouTube compromised FPS quality whenever it handled 60 FPS videos.

Five Finger Death Punch - Canto 34
Brand X Music - Bring The Pain

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