Street Fighter III - Fuurinkazan (animation short trailer)


So this guy, Victor Hugo was working on this animation short telling the story of a fight between Ryu and Hugo and the trailer for it is finally up

I followed a bit of his process reading his blog ( , in portuguese), and he’s a fan of SF3 and used to play that matchup all the time with his friend, hence his motivation

credits as in youtube description

Victor Hugo Queiroz -
Producer, Co-direction, Screenplay, Art Direction, Character Design, Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Lookdev, Grooming, Lighting, Rendering, FX, Post-production and Compositing)

Derek Henriques -
Direction, Screenplay, Animation, Project Management, Smoke and Fire FX and Editing

Lá no Estúdio -
Music, Sound Design, Foley and Mixing

Lou Schmidt -
Music, Mixing, Hugo’s Voice

Felipe Alves -
Source Material Consulting[/details]

Some pics:

some more pics:

woow that is really fuckin cool! I def did not expect such great PV from a fan made animation. keep us posted!

very cool.

I’ve always wanted to see this particular fight in some form other than sprites, be it comic, manga, anime, cartoon, whatever. This looks pretty sick.

Have you read the Ryu Final manga from Udon? They have an ok fight in there.

Really like the style of CG in this trailer. As well as the exaggerated difference in stature between Ryu and Hugo. More explicit archetypes!

I hope Hugo blocks that fireball. I also like that Ryu looks Brazilian. It really would make some sense if he was because I remember hearing something about Japanese Sailors navigating to Brazil on trade ships, and well…we all know what used to happen in port towns. I’m sure the opposite is true for Japan and Brazilian sailors.

Ryu looks to skinny and Hugo looks like Abobo from the Double Dragon live action movie. Other than that, it looks like it’ll be fun.

Good shit! Where is the music in that CGI from?

akuma at 0:35

Oh yeah, haha!

Was thinking about this project… Is production still running, can’t find any news?

you got the eye of the tiger.