Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES) question about throws!

I was playing SF2T with a friend, my Chun-Li vs. his Dhalsim, and I kept getting thrown! I know you can’t tech throws in SF2T, but how could I beat them? Jab him? Could I have also thrown him first? Not sure if I should be holding forward or back and fierce to throw him.

Use Game Genie for no damage.

'Sim has much bigger throw range than chun.

don’t be in range to get thrown in the first place

Here’s a silly question … I have the SNES rom downloaded to my PC … how can I play other players from around the world online? Through what medium? Sorry I’m such a noob a this?

you can use z-net to play snes games online (

But honestly you are better off playing the arcade version of super SF2 turbo on GGPO (

Chun li has a pretty good throw but I wouldn’t get into a throwdown with Dhalsim. Bounce on him and mash your kicks.