Where is everyone? Does anyone still play seriously? It’s a shame there isn’t more of a community for this game, it’s a great port on a great platform.

Yes, I get the SF community is already split between PC GGPO Super Turbo, 3rd Strike OE, HD Remix, AE2012… But isn’t there a few of us who still enjoy the DEFINITIVE version of the TRUE classic Street Fighter 2!?

If anyone is still out there, feel free to add me (xLB4EVERx) on Xbox Live.

If everyone posts there Gamertag here, and adds each other, maybe we can get some sort of community revival going? I would even be down for arranging some tournaments at FGC majors if we got enough people playing and participating. I would also be down to start up a 24/7 stream similar to SRKlive with AE21012.

Anyways, leave your thoughts and comments, and lets revive this classic!

Pretty sure that’s a fighting game.