Street Fighter II Glitches & Tricks - How to?

Can anyone tell me how to perform the Guile statue glitch, handcuffs glitch, and throw and reset glitch? Also, are any of these still accessible in Street Fighter Collection II for PSX?

Also, I’m having TONS trouble in this game performing Ryu’s red fireball in this particular edition, is there a bug surrounding this move or something? I performed it a couple times, but now I can’t get it…I have Ryu selected as a Turbo Hyper Fighting character, too, so I don’t know.

Aside from these tricks, does anyone have any fast ways to combos/ownage for this game with any character?


Red fireball is just random…

Only glitches in PSX collection 2 is free boom after MP throw (hold towards and hit punch) and magic throw (kara upsidedownkick (f+RH) into delayed HP boom).

Combine both to do repeated magic throws easily.

Wasn’t the handcuff glitch a cancel from MP throw into flash kick?

Like Charge Down, then do :d: :df: :r: :mp: :uf: :u: kick.

Fast enough to get a throw and a flash kick off one motion… I think that’s it… I never did it, but I remember a kid at the corner store showing me how to do it way back when World Warrior was fairly new.

I thin it’s MK flashkick too… that’s what I used anyhow.

…and Yo-yo throw was combination of the 2 I think? Do magic throw (which IS mp throw) into MK flash kick right after. So the magic throw flings them away from you, and then they fly back to you in handcuffs?


Oh my god, I finally did it! It’s 5:30 AM EST and I finally got it…lmfao. :clap: :clap: :clap: Thank you so much for the video and all the information, Master. :tup:

Wow, as soon as I finally pulled it off, my eyes just widened and…wow…that was cool.

Guile is a really cheap character, huh? Is there even anyone else as cheap as him(I’m thinking E. Honda with his raw power)?

THANKS DRUNKENMASTER! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Now just to master the magic throw. Next on my list is to memorize a good combo scheme like the ones you did in that video…then I’ll be able to make all my friends groan and not want to play me anymore.

Er, no problem. :slight_smile: It’s really not a big deal… I was more just tired of trying to explain it to you. :sweat:

BTW: hit up and go to the glossary section. It should help you get the hang of what people say around here.

Guile’s handcuff glitch can be done on the SNES version, with the use of the game genie.
-Apply the air projectile code (can be found on
-Using Guile do an air throw
-After the air throw immediately perform a sonic boom
-If done correctly you should handcuff your opponent like the arcade version.:tup:

There’s actually a good faq on the glitches on gamefaqs.

The coolest glitch is still the magic throw. According to the faq, you charge back, press forward for a half second, then press fierce and roundhouse at the same time. This move completely dominates. It has better range than the spinning piledriver and you can throw people out of anything with it, unless they’re completely invincible (like the shoryuken). You can even pull Vega off the fence with it, I think. Best of all, you can repeat it like a juggle, tossing them out of the air until they die. And Guile’s already the best guy by a landslide! Heh.

There were a ton of glitches in World Warrior. My friend who spent an hour playing this game every day for years during lunch in high school described a few that I’ve never heard of since. Too bad they haven’t released a collection like the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology with all the games with their different versions and dip switch-able glitches.

i wrote somethings on sf2 hyper thread.
look up what i wrote to get some advice on some possible moves.
please note.
its the sf2 on snes that i wrote info on, but im guessing it may also apply for the psx version as well.