Street Fighter II GamerChicks?

What’s Good GamerChicks! If you play Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting. Then what you waiting for, ADD ME…wooooooooooo

Xbox Live Gamertag: Dauddy

points to dilznick

Hi Hater! lol

:rofl: Wow

I vote for ban

worst thread ever!

This thread sucks man.

This thread fails and so does its starter…

GamerChicks? Are you serious?

chicks play sf2?

Another lifeless

this kinda thread started getting boring

awwww man you guys are giving me the heat right now…I’ve met a few girls on street fighter before…I’m just trying to find a few more

They don’t exist, sorry.

hot super models play SF

if you pay them to do it

yes, thats what I’m talking about, Da honeyzzzz



Ban plz.


You’re a fucking retard. Online matchmaking forum is THAT way. And if you’re looking for SF chicks because you can’t get laid the normal way, then yeah…Please, kill yourself.

go get some pussy…immediately

In before “Go-Gaia plz”!