Street Fighter II Collectors BOX - VHS!

This could possibly be it!! 93 era top level Japanese SF2-HF footage!!!

To quote:
“Scritons 5th Anniversary Limited Edition Street Fighter II Collectors Box.
Released during the global arcade & home console dominance of 'STREET FIGHTER II… …Contains 3 audio CD’s each in theyre own individual jewel case… …yada yada…”

“This collectors box also includes 2 (NTSC) VHS tapes featuring VS matches between Japan’s best players, combos, interviews, tricks & secrets, tournament footage and much more, spanning the first three Street Fighter II instalments:
STREET FIGHTER II Champion Edition
Dare I dream that this could be as good as it sounds?

As a bonus there is also:
“a 16 page (12x12) full color booklet and full wall-size ‘SFII:Hyper Fighting’ color poster. All in a delightfully deluxe oversize 13x13 black vinyl box, with the Street Fighter II logo in fine gold reflective lettering.”

Now for the catch:
“Only 2000 Street Fighter II Collector’s Box’s were ever produced, each one printed with its own unique identification serial number for authenticity.
Never released outside of Japan.
Box comes with wrap-around obi strip.
Can sell for anywhere between $100 - $400”

OUCH!! Anyone got $400 handy?
Now I know for a fact that the OST section of this package has been ripped and is available. So its very possible that the same person could-would rip the video too. Maybe someone here, ‘knows someone’ has other ideas?


Really Amazing…

Could it be that these two videos are ripped from those VHS tapes? The company seems to be the same.

Unfortunately the download links don’t seem to work for me. :sad:

EDIT: ok, the links DO seem to work (you have to download them by right-klicking and “save as”).

As for the HF part:

00:00min-29:14min: Combos & tactics for each character

29:15min-33:30min: The [media=youtube]e4gA8d7dDR8"[/media] that you have in your instruction-playlist

33:31min-56:45min: Tournament

56:46min-58-09min: credits + some ingame scenes in the background

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That combo video is funny. I’m pretty sure the Balrog double Dash Upper “combo” doesn’t actually combo in the video but they were too lazy to keep trying until it did.

Shit what an archelogical find

I’m pretty sure that the combo video is edited from a much longer video. And yeah, not all of those are legit. I’m not sure about the Balrog one. But the fire at the end of Dhalsim’s combo definitely doesn’t really combo. Still, it’s impressive that they got a genuine 4-hit combo with him even without the fire!

Wow, I’m loving this video. A local arcade has Champion Edition, just wish I had some competition to try this shit out on

I saw this Scitron set available on eBay for $80 BIN a couple of years back. If it was for ST instead, I definitely would’ve gotten it (but no, there is no equivalent Scitron ST set).

Not incredibly hard to find though; even now, somebody on eBay has it for sale, albeit at a high $220 price point (then again, the tapes are sealed so you’re ensured that they haven’t deteriorated from use).

beh, yeah I should have thought of that right away! Dang, its because they were called incorrectly called ‘Gamest’ and ‘Pony Canyon’ for so long, I’d fergotten myself that they were actualy Scitron tapes… Oh well, saved $400 I guess…
On a posotive note, there is still the Gamest HF tape to be ripped, anyone…

I PM’d this to cray, but he said he wouldn’t be picking it up, so…

Not much time left, and it’s still going for cheap. I kind of want to buy it, but I’m in the process of selling some stuff to get a new TV.

Just a heads up if any of you are looking for it.

I actually bought the LD version of that box set a few months ago, as well as a similar one for Neo Geo, but I did it for the soundtracks. At the time, I thought it was as one-in-a-million thing, but then I saw two more copies for the Street Fighter one on Yahoo! Auctions Japan.

I could’ve sworn to have uploaded these before. I hate digging up old tapes.

EDIT: I’ve only got these ATM. Take a pick:

* Street Fighter 1 Pony Video (lol @ 1943 TV ad)
* Street Fighter 2 Japan Battle ???
Street Fighter 2 Dash Scitron
Street Fighter 2 Dash Turbo Scitron ??? (the TV ads at the end are priceless)
* Street Fighter 2 Turbo SNES JP Battle '93
And something i found while looking for the other ones:
* Street Fighter Zero - Sony Music Entertainment (WTF?!?) Video

Hopefully this helps, I don’t think there are anymore tapes other than the ever-elusive TZW videos.

Thanks for confirming Eidrian, that those are the Scitron tapes you’ve already kindly uploaded. Where can I get those first three tapes listed?
In the thread ‘Old school VHS any interest’, a ‘Gamest’ Hyper Fighting tape was listed, I would dearly love to see this get ripped if anyone has it. Know anything about this Eidrian?


As far as I know there wasn’t a Hyper Fighting ‘Gamest’ tape. If there was, would anyone happen to know the volume?

You mean:

  • Street Fighter 1 Pony Video (lol @ 1943 TV ad)
  • Street Fighter 2 Japan Battle ???
  • Street Fighter 2 SCITRON GAME LIVE VIDEO

these? If so, I’ll put them up next week. I remember FMJ was the one who captured that HF Gamest tape. I’ll track it down and see if i still have it.

EDIT: Found the HF-Gamest_full.wmv vid, but sadly it’s not a Gamest per-se. It’s actually the same video as this one: * Street Fighter 2 Dash Turbo Scitron ??? (the TV ads at the end are priceless). Sorry to burst your bubble. =[

I bought this ages ago from yahoo JPN, in fact I am looking at it now

just dont buy the laser disc one unless you have LD

Just as promised, here they are for your viewing pleasure.


* Street Fighter 1 Pony Video (lol @ 1943 TV ad) 242mb
* Street Fighter 2 Japan Battle ??? 452mb
* Street Fighter 2 SCITRON GAME LIVE VIDEO 444mb

Enjoy! =] Any rep is welcome too.

And BTW, i forbid these videos to appear on youtube. I simply despise youtube, and if i’m going to see them posted, i might as well have uploaded them myself. So please be respectful and don’t post them there. Thanks.

I tried downloading these the way you said,but none of them worked. Any thoughts?

IE my friend.