Street Fighter II' Champion Edition

Who have never played this game before ?
Please show your hands, don’t be shy

For the others you can, fix that by playing the online version of this game at :

Street Fighter II’ CE

Tha adaptation is very good and will make you discover street fighter 2 if you never played it in the old days

Have fun ! :china:

dl mame


probably anyone born in the early 90’s has never played this. at least not in the arcades because they’re too young to know what an arcade is.

You should see some of the replies. I’m glad I grew up in the 90’s.

Today I actually had to explain to a 9 year old what an Arcade is. :crybaby:

There is a SF2 CE???


/end sarcasm

I was in San Fran at peir 39 for July 4th. Had to check out the old arcade there and…its been TGIFed and Chuck ‘e’ Cheeseed. No fighters, or games for that matters. Just your whack a mole, skee ball stuff and of course that one ski’ing simulator.

That adaptation, while slow, is spot-on. Hell, even the Ken car bug works.

Get to bonus stage 1 with Ken, break the first side of the car, then go to the corner and jump at it, timing a jab DP to come out as soon as you land. The result? Lots of blockstars and getting stuck.

this is retarded

Its on GGPO too

but 2DF is better?

I was talking to a kid about 2d fighters and how I use my old joysticks on my current gen consoles.

“What’s a joystick?” He asks.

I then asked him what year he was born, “1998”

I facepalm’d after I realized my PS1 arcade stick was older than he is.

Kids are such bitches nowadays.

I blame all the estrogen in the water and the misguided wussification of society by Dr. Phil, Oprah and non-sacrificial religious practices.