Street Fighter II Champion Edition for the PC Engine: Any one play it?

I was moving into my new place and my wife happened to get some boxes and as I looked through them, I found my old PC Engine Duo-RX which I hadn’t touched in a year, my Hori PC Engine Fighting Stick and a couple games among them, Street Fighter II CE. I just popped it in a few hours ago and played against my bro-in law. After laying a serious CE Dictator style beat down on him, I realized how underrated of a port this version was. The music isn’t so hot but the speech is pretty good and the control is just on par with the SNES and for a Hucard chip, Capcom really squeezed a lot out to make a good port. It sucks there was no American port because it might have sold some Turbografx 16’s but I’m guessing Sega got the rights. If you want more info, check this video review out from the awesome show Retroware TV [media=youtube]5EBEdM6dXlM&feature=related[/media]

I played it like 15 years ago…

I played it again on Magic Engine

I love this version of the game and still have my copy of it, I can only imagine what could have done with the Arcade Card Super CD ROM format based on how close to the arcade some Neo-Geo ports are. It’s really sad how poorly marketed the TG-16 was in america by TTI, always afraid of releasing games that looked too “japanese”. The PC engine rivaled the Famicom and Super Famicom in sales back in Japan during it’s life span.

I know what you mean man. I had a family party last night and Bomberman 93 was a bigger hit than my wife’s Wii. Its sad that that TTI had no marketing vision and plus Sega and Nintendo had the big franchises locked up. Legend has it that TTI was offered a port of Mortal Kombat but they declined and the code of that game made it into the Plug and Play version of MK. I’m ordering a brand new copy of Fatal Fury 2 from Play-Asia today. When you play games like Ys Book I/II, Lords/Gate of Thunder, Ninja Spirit, Legendary Axe, Street Fighter II CE and others, you realize how much better of a product it was than the Sega CD and its full motion crap. (I love Snatcher and Sonic CD though)