Street Fighter II Arcade: Glitch Handbook

Glitch Handbook: Street Fighter II Arcade | ComboVid

Some examples of stuff in the article:

  • CPS-1 Chains
  • Jump-Canceling
  • Super Special Reversal
  • Stray Hitboxes
  • Old Color Tricks

Some things are missing though:

  • [media=youtube]wps6-8OcdqQ"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]BVDN-vQHlHE"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]MBiTcjdzdpA"[/media]

Also what about the tiger knee / Zangief crash bug…

Yeah there are other reset glitches amongst other things missing. More will pop up in this thread hopefully, then someone can email Maj or Error1 to update the article.

Like the comments imply, he’s missing that SSF2 Zangief 360-MK trick was also later present in ST world version’s o.Zangief 360-HK. May as well also mention the unblockable moves and that you can’t throw someone who was dizzied because of a throw.

There are a few claw glitches that aren’t mentioned here: the classic but rare instance of Balrog’s displaced claw marker floating away that I’m not really sure how to reproduce, claw’s rolling crystal flash getting stuck within Blanka while doing crazy hits, basic stuff like SSF2 claw and o.claw’s straight wall dives hitting the opponent forward every time, and backwards charge flipkick (for that matter, the other 3 stored moves, while almost common knowledge at this point, may still deserve a mention).

Did anyone actually figure out if Cammy’s air super was the real deal? I should’ve asked Nakamura about that.

I’m also curious about this. I remember seeing the video a few months ago and thinking it’s fake.

Also, isn’t grabbing Zangief out of his 720 just a part of the same glitch caused by crossing under? It looks like Hawk just grabbed him after the 720 glitch, nothing special IMO.


I guess a bunch of the odd properties related to specials, throws or normals not working at certain frames are not intentional. But I would not like to have the engine seen as a bug, so I will leave it at that.

Guile can disapear in one of the WW versions.

Can’t guile do quite a few things across the WW versions? :smile:

Guile is the glitch king in WW. I mean who in there life hasnt handcuffed or rage reset an arcade machine when they lost lol.

I’ve done my fair share of magic throws in arcade but I wouldn’t dare to rage reset the machine if I were playing you in the arcade. You can probably suffocate me with your chest lol.

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O.Honda’s throw freeze glitch happens from time to time but still nobody knows how to recreate the glitch, there are also CPU only random weirdness like walking in the air, I did Ken’s low air hurricane glitch with O.Ken even thou he doesn’t have a super years ago !