Street Fighter II # 3 & 4 First Look has an exlusive look at the covers.

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It’s nice that the covers seem to be made to pertain to the plot within the issue, now :slight_smile:

(Eeeeee, is that a Doll cover? :O)

Please UDON, for the love of god don’t release a Doll cover!

Poor Tiamat will explode simply by the mere existence of it and then when are we going to get the latest Plot Guide update?

Well, even with Tiamat in one hundred pieces the next update can’t possibly take longer to do than the two friggin’ years the last one did if that’s any consolation.

Oh my god, the foils look great! E Honda looks amazing - one of the best foils so far and Karin too.

Yeah, all that cover art is badass. I especially like the T.Hawk one, and the Honda foil is crazy!

I also like the fact that the T.Hawk cover actually pretains to what is happening in the issue. I really found it annoying during all of Street Fighter’s initial run, almost none of the covers had anything to do with the story itself.

Yay. Unrelated covers were one of my biggest complaints about the first run.

We do listen to you guys!

For the first series, we want to have iconic shots so that it is more recognizable for people. And we feel that now SF Comics has been extablished, we can do more story oriented covers. Once in a while, we will probably still do some character jam shots to stirr things up. But mostly we are working on covers that is related to the main and back up stories in the respective issues.

Thank God! Those spectacular, if nonsense covers were the biggest weakness of the original series. Now that that’s solved, SF can only get better.

i don’t understand the background behind that.

It’s a pseudo well-known fact that I’m a huge Doll fan. In fact, they’re the reason I started caring about Street Fighter’s plot again (when I actually didn’t pay attention for a really long time) and later on started the plot guide, really (heck, I suspect that the speed at which the plot guide is updated is almost directly proportional to how soon I get some new Doll tidbits to add to it)

Why? I dunno. I just liked the idea, outfit, and concept the moment I saw Juli and Juni on some fan art site. …of course, this was before I found out they talked like robots, but mweh :}

So you’re saying you admire their “assets”?

Mweh, my thought process differs from yours.

How so?

Migod… that Karin cover is beautiful…

The coloured version of cover 3B looks fantanstic.

Who knew colorists could draw? :wink:

After noticing it and thinking about the likely reasoning behind it, I’m finding it hilarious that Enero was armed with a gun in the final version.

Actually… my comment to Mark’s sketch with her holding the microphone is just to remove it, coz I really think it is kinda dumbed down the cover image with it. Mark then added a gun on his own, which come to think of it looks kinda cool… that’s why I kept it.

Yea, I figured it was something like that. It’s probably the most nonsensical accessory among all the Dolls (made all the more hilarious/bizarre by how Enero was possibly the first…)