Street Fighter HD Delayed for UK PSN

Talk about an 11th hour announcement…

man, thats messed up! they couldnt at least get a release date… weak!

I still can’t purchase the game on the European PSN store. I’m infuriated with Capcom.

dont be mad at capcom its actually SCEE who fucked up. oh and it aint up this week either. ebay here i come

Is getting a US PSN card through ebay the only way to get this game? if anyone has any other method, please post it up.

There’s also gamesharing and the EntroPay method as well:

Be careful when regestiering on EntroPay. I used my details for the account and my wifes credit card for the credit card section and they shut out both our credit cards because of it.

Luckly I got saved with gameshare. :slight_smile: (Go DS!) :woot:

Could you elaborate some more on gamesharing?

This thread:

Any word on when this is hitting the UK yet?

Puzzle Fighter took six months till it was finally available on the PAL store. I expect SSF2HDT will take just as long, if not longer.