Street Fighter EX Characters: Who do you want?

With all the threads regarding who we want from SFA, SF3, and SF4, I feel like there should be a bit for the extended/possible universe characters from SFEX. As much as Capcom complains that these characters are owned by Akira, I feel that they might put some effort in regaining the license if there is a proven interest, like they did with UMvC3 Strider.

Excluded Characters and why:
-Area: C.Viper does the “Gadget Fighter” gimmick better
-Pullum Purna: Most of her moves are rip-offs of other SF characters
-Darun Mister: Very similar to Hakan, who already exists

Nobody will be in since Arika rights, but they can ever go full fuckyouArika and do like they did with Hakan that is basically Darun’s evolution

Said that V.Rosso 4 life

C.Jack as not even close second


My vote should be pretty obvious.

In addition to bringing gadgets to a fist fight, she’s a young girl. She combines everything that irks people about Karin and C. Viper.

You know, V. Rosso could work as a SFV character thematically. He already has a lot of fire/lava attacks, so his V-Trigger and flashiness are all but assured.

And yeah, they could just poach the designs that people want like they did with Hakan (though to be fair no one wanted Hakan).

Only being able to vote once (though voted for D.Dark) and no Area makes me sad. Well, that and excluding Area and Pollum but putting in Kairi who’s really just a Shoto ripoff is kind of amusing. Of course, with that being said, if we DO get an EX character in, chances are it’ll be him knowing our luck and considering Decapre happened.

obviously skullomania is the only true choice

Never going to happen, though I always liked D. Dark’s playstyle.

Garuda plz we need some villains.

Runner ups would be hokuto and dd

But yet you have Kairi in the poll who’s more or less a shoto… Ok.

D. Dark because he just looks and plays really damn cool. However, I’d love to also see C. Jack, skullomania,garuda and hokuto.

Never played the game, but always liked the way D. Dark looked and it seems like he has a cool backstory. But yea, you should have allowed all characters to be voted on. Just b/c they’re similar to current characters doesn’t mean they should be excluded. Capcom would have been creative enough to make them play uniquely assuming any of this was at all a possibility.

I want a joke character that’s awesome. Dan need to go into retirement.

are you telling me you wouldnt want to see dan and skullomania as rivals in the story?

EX3’s Cracker Jack coolest design of all:

Street Fighter might use a cool Colombian-styled pimp.

Wouldn’t be bad if Allen Snyder or Blair Dame too.

Skullomania and Shadowgeist… No thank you, there was too much goofyness already with the SF4 characters, don’t turn this into more of a circus. **Vulcano Rosso **looks like a clown too.

Doctrine Dark, pretty cheaty and ridiculous fighting style. Rolento is much better. Sharon, more or less the same, sniper guns meh.

Garuda looks like a Soul Calibur character, too much mystic and plot-driven to work.

Nanase, bad fighting style and fits more on a Soul Calibur game.

**Hokuto **is fine, can’t say much against her but the design is kind of generic, the “traditional martial artist” place’s already filled by Makoto (even the names are similar).

**Kairi **is cool but we already have a badass successor lead, his name is Alex. Don’t need that Kairi Stu.

I’d like Cracker Jack more if his gameplay wasn’t so terrible. Literally everything he does is unsafe…

I agree with the soul calibur part although I still believe she fits in SF, but you can’t possibly believe that she has a bad fighting style. She uses a staff for crying out loud, specializing in Bojutsu. She would make a great addition to the main cast.

I guess she’s a little too similar to Makoto in the sense of origin and personality, but they’d make for some great rivals. Plus I love her fighting style and special moves.


If people were able to understand that Juli, Juni, and Juri are all 3 entirely different characters (and that Juri is entirely separate and NOT a doll), I think they would be able to tell Makoto and Hokuto apart.

Skullomania, every time. He was a lot of fun aesthetically and fun to play as (loved all the versions of SkulloDream), also he brought in a Tokusatsu flair to SF. Considering how big it is in Japan, I’m surprised Capcom didn’t do anything with the concept before Arika. I could easily see them bringing the core concept of the character into Street Fighter, but changing him up enough to not make Arika sue.

I honestly don’t. I feel Dan has outlived his usefulness.

Dan needs to be high tier.