Street Fighter Energy Drinks

See for yourself.


dragon punch should come in two varieties:
fierce dragon punch (with caffeine)
medium dragon punch (caffeine free)

or maybe dragon punch and EX dragon punch.

gah, why doesn’t their E-tank look like an E-tank? I’d be all over it if it did.

no Psycho Powerade?


It’s also just a Red Bull knockoff with a plastic label around the tin. They have them for a bajillion games, including a bunch of other Capcom games. They sell them in the card/comic store here.

Yeah. These have been around for 4-5 years now. And watch out, they taste like Donkey Piss.

you know what donkey piss tastes like?

you know what donkey piss tastes like?

Incase you missed it… You know what donkey piss tastes like? And is there a difference between donkey, horse, and pony piss?

Figure of speech - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

fail because its called dragon punch instead of shoryuken

No no Javid, they literally taste like Donkey Piss. It’s just one of these things you know. You drink it and go “I’ve never tried it before but I now know that if I drank Donkey Piss, it would taste exactly like this.”

I had the Ken won at one of the SF Club Events, the first one they had in Brooklyn. Tastes EXACTLY like Red Bull with more sugar. :lol:

I want to try the Mega Man one, the one that looks like an E Tank. Because Mega Man actually drinks that ha ha! Well in manga and the American cartoon he drinks it… In some manga I’ve seen him bust out a straw like a can of soda. :rofl:

Street Fighter Dragon Punch - Fail

Megaman E-tank - Great Success!


Why? Shoryuken wouldn’t even be clever.

Needs more 3rd Strike drink:

Deadly Double Espresso


More like Genei-Juice.

You know you’d drink it.

LOL at the Booty Sweat Energy Drink they sell.

No Shin Shoryuken Strawberry? =(

KEN SA:III passion fruit!