Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3 V-ISM Basics, Chain Combos, and Juggles

Hello fellow members.

Even though I like Street Fighter IV, I go back to my PS2 and play Street Fighter Alpha 3. I love playing Sakura, Karin, Guy, and Cody and I really want to learn how chain combo with Guy, and V-ISM juggle with Sak, and Karin.

Can anyone help teach me the basics on V-ISM combos and what are good set-ups for the V-ISM juggles and combos with Sakura, Karin and Cody?

I’d like to also learn how to chain combo with Guy. From the videos that I have seen with Guy, one of the basic chain combo is something like :

LP->?->HP->HK->Super/QCB LK->QCB HK

I’m not really sure if this is correct, so can anyone help me learn Guy’s BnB chain combos?

I like to thank everyone who posts here in advance.




I think Xenozip’s video is pretty good reference to go through for some of your questions.

Does anyone have any inputs that they can show me?

From the video, I can see that Karin can go a lot of ways with her V-ISM Juggle. It’s kinda hard to pull out the MP+MK->360->reverse SRK HP, crouch cancel to HK for the infinite juggle.

Can anyone give me some simple links/chain combos for Guy in SFA3?

You might want to check out the Alpha section. There are detailed write-ups on all the characters Visms.

Anyone know how to unlock feilong on Street fighter Alpha 3? Am using SDLmame and a rom.

The cheat code on the web is mainly for game boy advance, so am a little confused on how to use it (i am using my TE stick):
Left, Right, Down, Right, L, L, A, L, L, B, R, A, Up - All Characters


IIRC, Feilong isn’t in A3. He’s in A3 upper, and I guess the PS1 version too.