Street Fighter Alpha 3 - N E

Natural Evolution is a video combo preview with great combos and music in homage to Street Fighter Alpha 3.
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - NE

Full Combo Video Coming Soon…

Discuss it here. :tup:

I wish the link was working

Its a very nice preview, Im sure Alpha 3 players will love to watch the full vid, nice editing with cool combos :tup:
btw: what programs you did use for the video edit?

Its nice to know that theres more brazilian fighting game communities on the fighting game scene (like AOFDB that makes amazing SNK videos like Junction)

I hope to hear from you guys soon :karate:
take care


Thanks for download guys !

Master Akuma, the program is Sony Vega Studio 4. But the animations was made in Macromedia fireworks, frame-to-frame…

Coming soon the full video !

link dont work

I hope it’s not all v-ism crap…

Sorry, I have a lot of problem with my server. Now the link is working, but save the preview with right clik. :tup:
Im tryng to do my best, but what everyone here hope to see in this video combo ?

Link is still not working…

Use the right click to save the video, anyway Ill change the server again. :tup:

Coudl you describe your video before i download it. Last time i downloaded a video by a new registered member, srk ended up with homer simpson down here. :d:

Which reminds me, does all the combos have “Safe Falls ON”?

That mockup SF3 Dan sprite is awesome. :tup:

No and yes, the video will have all kinds of combos, but Ill modify the combos now. Im worried sick about v-ism combos.

Frame by frame? :wow: damn… I wish I knew how to really work with Macromedia but its kinda hard :xeye:
You have some great video edit skills (like AOFDB type) and it seems that you guys will released great productions, if you need anything and if we can help you just drop a line over at forums, AOFDB has amazing productions like the legendary Junction video (best SvC video ever release) and some other great videos.
Take care and keep the good work :tup:

Listen to Master Akuma! He’s the truth bitch!

Look at all the trophies he won for winning in his own self-run tourny!

It must rule winning trophies you paid for in the first place!
Wish I was that awesome.

Hey, a friend of mine says that AOFDB are the best combovideo makers in the world, by far. I don’t see it. What do you think?

Fuck them, Those bastards were supposed to have a kof 2k2 combo vid out a few years ago. WHERE IS IT?!