Street Fighter Alpha 1 (PSX) available on PSN

I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I’m going to ASSUME that the game doesn’t have a 2P mode (why). I’ll try to find out more information though. Anyway, just thought I’d post up to let people know it’s available for $5.99.

wowza! do you know if it’s coming out for the 360? :wonder:

Its the PS1 version of Alpha. I don’t think it would get a 360 release.

Might as well named this thread “Waste-of-time available on PSN”.

lol shit u beat me 2 it I was just gonna say the same thing

Let me guess…horrible port.

What PSX fighting games are really good ports and only available on PSX?

It’s not that it’s horrible, it’s that if you care about ANY SFA game just get SFA Anthology. This was a pointless addition.

I’m surprised this gets any press here at all what with the whining about this game back in the day. “Ewww, chain combos in SF? BAWWWW!”.

Random select A3 ftw.

Street Fighter EX + Alpha

Maybe EX 2 too but I didn’t play that.

Ex2 sucked anyway, even if it was accurate. Try Rival Schools.

i feel the same way. You should spend your money on bionic commando instead



They shouldve given yall Alpha 3 Max on PSN or something. With online and shit.

Almost pointless if you want remixed music. If you get Anthology you’ll get just CPS-1 and CPS-2 music. But… That’s a different story altogether if you play Hyper Street Fighter Alpha.

Ha… i liked the remix music in this game.

SFA was actually the FIRST PSX game that I bought when I got the system… because they didn’t have any more copies of Battle Arena Toshinden 2. :slight_smile:

It was good for it’s time but I figured I might as well give a heads up, even though it’s obvious that it’s out to anyone that checks the PSN store regularly.

what where they thinking?

That kaillera, ggpo, 2df, p2p, etc doesn’t exist.

A1 was horrible. Chain combos + juggles = Death if you got touched, especially in the corner.

Ah, I love SFA1. I understand why it’s not very popular. Many don;t like the easy chain combos, there aren’t many characters to choose from, and there are only six backgrounds.

But I still like it.

Also the PS1 version is fantastic. It’s a fantastic port of the game.

I also agree that nothing touches SFA Anthology. Save your money and buy that game. You won’t regret it.