Street Fighter 5 doesn't seem to support global Matchmaking ?!

I am a person that travel a lot. Currently at the release of SF5 i am in Egypt. I have been here before during Beta 2 and Beta 3 and the game would function properly for me and for everyone i know that plays the game here.

This bring us to this past week where i got 12 games total in an entire week. I have two friends here ( Both with different ISPs ) and one of them had a total of 2 games and the other one had 5 games. I have to make it clear that every other game i have tried USF4, MKX and MKXL Beta all works perfectly fine.

At first i thought that this is maybe a networking issue but it doesn’t seem to be the case here. I looked up on the Capcom-Unity forums and on twitter and found many others who shares the same issue. The one thing that most people have in common is the fact that they are from countries with small scenes and have to rely on regional matchmaking. Countries like the gulf countries, ( seen people from Russia complain ), New Zeland, Australia, India,etc,etc.

Now I have to make a point that once i am in the game, the connection usually works out really well. I get full bars connections to France, Italy, Spain and 4 bars to Germany and UK players in the battle lounge. Yet, no matter how hard i try i can’t get a good game in ranked or casual.

There is a small but quickly rising MK scene here in Egypt, I wanted to share SF5 with these guys. I wanted them to get into it. Couple of them made the leap of faith and one of them has already dropped it due to not finding matches. The other guy still tries daily and he loves the gameplay but every time he tries, he waits for 30 minutes unable to get a match then just switch to MK where he can get games easily.

I hope that Capcom listen and try to fix this issue, i know that most users here are US or EU based with quite the large number of players in their regions but for us. SF5 has been a chore. I really wanted to bring more players to the scene and maybe these players here would pull even more but it is so hard to build a scene with what these guys have to face right now.

The really sad part is that they actually really like the game-play. That and the fact that the Beta was working. How can i get full bar connections in lounge but stay for 30+ minutes in ranked when every thing is set to any.

I don’t think matchmaking is working properly for anyone, there was some server maintenance yesterday which I hope makes the situation better. I am in the UK and even on Saturday afternoon I was waiting a really long time in between match’s for rank.

if it’s not working, it will work eventually, as one of the things they promoted with 5 was no region lock/restrictions. If you had a good connection, your good to go.

I’m in South Korea, and I can still play people on the West Coast with 3 (yellow) and its fine.

I don’t just have to get bodied by the 8/10 times I get connected to someone in Japan.

im based in the UK, have only ever been matched with people from UK, France & Belgium

I have been matched with several US and Canadian users and for the most part was pretty smooth. I o set my connection to 3-5 so that probably limits the number of people who I can connect with.