Street Fighter 5 announced! Future of Gouken?

So with street fighter 5 being announced, what do you think is going to happen to the old man? Personally Gouken is the only character I really like in 4 and I will certainly miss his “shoto-on-acid+pcp” play style (unless Ryu or someone else inherits all or part of what made Gouken unique.)

I think Gouken has a good chance of remaining in the series. He is an important character in the SF universe and has a moveset that is easily translatable to other games. Past one-off characters like those from 3rd Strike were very similar to SF2 classics (like say, Remy or that Dhalsim clone whose name is escaping me) and not very important to the SF series whereas Gouken is a big figure in SF media (like the recent movies) and has a very very unique move set that could have worked in any SF game: alpha series, sf2, super turbo, 3s, you name it.

It would be very difficult to explain why the master of Ryu, primary foil and counterpoint to Akuma, and SF4 boss character is suddenly missing after coming back from the dead.

If no gouken, I’d probably wait for a steam sale.

You could compromise with Poison or Akuma, but nobody else will be full on engaging to me. I’ve tried every character in the game and I’m starting to build up a shitty Cammy, but the big G is the only character that makes sense to me.

I’ll play the game even if he’s not there. I played a few characters in sf4 life cycle, but didn’t put as much time, love and dedication to the old man, if he’s there that would be awesome, if not, time to main a new one…

I will be using any SF1 characters should they pop up. and gotetsu also

Ono posted this picture when he was all secrets about “a new next gen fighting game”. So I guess gouken is confirmed?

If he’s not, I probably won’t be playing it…
I think they are using the prototype of tekken x street fighter, the game that never came out, to build SF5. Theres plenty old people in tekken that they can use to model the new gouken…

What do I want for SF5 gouken?
Exactly the same gouken with better frame data and more comboability. I want his power of nothingness to be his instict activation, and his super to be a variation of palm instead of a shoryuken…

fuck blanka

Based on that photo we are looking at SFV having…

Chun Li

I can see Gens head back behind cammy , and 1 undacova brotha back there, looks like Rog, but then the little flat top throws me off so Im saying DJ, also between sakura and rose, is a black haired dude with polka dot shorts on …so i thought dan?but the hair seems too dark and you see Dhalsim with his purple head and yellow stripes…then,

if you wanna get technical you see guile tall ass and adon , obv rog is a staple in it all so hes in the far right corner. You technically also see a Ryu foot hanging, but we also saw alpha ryu and ken as well as Charlie in the forefront so its gonna be alpha heavy.

this will be alpha’s reiteration I believe. Ono said himself they’ve been trolling all the comments

and I hate to be the one to say this but it looks like Rose or Morrigan I thought due to the purple hair, but then I noticed the spotted pattern on the legs / leggings

Since seeing the new footage of V, I can conclude that Gouken would be awesome in V! A game where his zoning and pokes would actually be beneficial?!

that’s what I thought …hmmmm very intararararararesting.

The 2 giefs and 2 akumas, alpha ken ryu and Charlie nash hint at edition select…
Graphically it seemed to take off as a more realistic CVS2.

now if the frame data is the same or improved but with those graphics and no focus system then were onto something good for gouken. characters seem more realistic in a “physics” sense probably resulting in a very stalwart knockdown ground pound game from gouken.

and I actually think the graphics will improve come release date

Gouken is definitely in sfv. He’s important in the sf storyline. As long as ryu and gouki is alive and in the series, you can believe gouken will be also.

lets unite for our boy

had to go w kairi.,…gouken is for sure gonna stay…

How is he guaranteed?
you never know until they hit you with that “Gouken felt that he had nothing more to teach to their students and we didn’t want the roaster to be too big so he wandered off to stare at the sun” option select.

Either way I voted for him Bison and Cody

I voted Gouken, Oro and C. Jack. I really want to see Oro in V.

Kairi is my main hope for 5 tbh, slim chance, but a guy can hope!

I’ll take kairi gouken retsu, better go complete my vote

Thats the spirit, thanks…
Can someone explain to me why the fascination with Kairi? He looks like a Ryu variant (I dont know his story)

I hate the EX series with a passion and even I like Kairi. I mean he killed Akuma in the EX series. His Kyouja Renbu (version of the Shun Goku Satsu) is awesome. I mean he put his fist through his opponents chest at the end of it. That said. I voted for: