Street Fighter 4 HARD!

For some reason I’m am having an extreamly hard time pulling off a an Ultra after I EX Cancel.

Shoryuken + EX Cancel + Ultra.

I can do the Shoryouken to EX Cancel but I never have enough time to imput the Ultra command.

I somtimes try to hard to pull off an Ultra then end up doing a Shoryuken hitting nothing but air after the EX Cancel.

I did’nt know if it was just me needing to practice more. But I’ve been trying for two weeks. I mean I can pull it off but not 100%.

But thats just me on the Left Side. If I’m on the Right, you can forget about it.

Is there a place a site or post that gives all short cuts for all the commands in the game that chain combos and so on?

I know there was one on how to do a Upper Cut out of a Down block. I found that extremly helpful. I was hoping there was more like that for but for like all the moves.

Can anyone give some tip or link me an extreamly useful guide for complete rookies for a execution controls.

You know, it’s really not even worth it anymore.

my tip is try your best and someday you will achieve your goals!

You know we have a Street Fighter 4 sections for this right?

If your not allowed to post in the SF4 subforum, you shouldnt be allowed to post SF4 stuff in this subforum.

If your doing a SRK or EX-SRK after your focus cancel, then what you are doing wrong is the dash. The motion for dashing forward then you do hado right after in a rush makes you input the command for a SRK. What you need to try is after you tap forward twice, let go of the stick really quickly then input the commands for the ultra.

Im saying this because i used to have your problem. Hope this helps.

There’s an SF4 section. There’s a Ryu SF4 subsection. Do what garylok said. Dash right after the focus cancel and start your ultra.

Check the SFIV forum or play more in the Trial mode.

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i got the same problem sometimes but i sold the game since it sucks but now they have these tournaments with a bunch of (not that great players) and it’s free money if you learn basic shit like this, i even won the last one. Guess I’ll have to start doing tiger uppercut into F+HK instead before the ultra lol

Thanks for your tips guys, and sorry about posting this in the wrong spot. I like never use forums. You can tell I only made this account to just ask this question. So i was desperate.

if you can’t do it then go in practice mode and practice for hours and hours. some people can learn this shit after a few tries but some have to grind to execute this. what i recommend is practicing DAT ULTRA over and over till you can do it in your sleep. since you can already do shoryuken fadc then if you master DAT ULTRA you should be able to do it! gooooooooood luck!!~!~!~!~!~1

^ This is great advice, practice makes perfect…keep trying, you’ll get it!

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well i guess your questions already been answered now good luck

Unfortunately, I could only link you to a moderately useful guide for complete rookies to execution controls.

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