Street fighter 3 Third Strike training mode for pc

I have an emulator that uses lua scripts for measuring charge partitions and displaying inputs as well as denjin charges and much more. Here is the link for the download!9oBXGAgJ!NxSlQBo_drzNKSbSMjLjgEYSblMTpIJk1SnAhSLm9r8 It works on windows 7 but for some reason closes when windows 7 users try to run the lua script what do I do?

Make sure your video blitter is set to basic and not softfx or enhanced.

it is =(

Huh. That’s usually the culprit behind fba crashing when you run a lua script, at least in my experience. Does the game work when you are not running a script?

I downloaded from the link you posted and had no problem running lua scripts (I also have windows 7), so it shouldn’t be a windows 7 issue.

Hmmmm =( I tried it on windows 7 I got and error but it didn’t crash it just didn’t run the script

that package works for me as well. actually only 2 of the scripts seem to do anything: input-display.lua and scrolling-input-display.lua. input-modules.lua doesn’t work, and 3rd_training_20120212.lua doesn’t seem to do anything.

input-modules.lua is used by input-display.lua; don’t load it manually.
3rd_training_20120212.lua does work, i just didn’t know how. this post by @Guiseppe1 describes it: Walking Lightning Legs!

that 3rd_training_20120212.lua script is super informative… :open_mouth:

is lua like jscript or more like xml?

it’s more like jscript

I bought windows 7 for my desktop yesterday and the 3s training mode worked when loading up the lua script it didn’t crash so I don’t know why it doesn’t work on my other laptop.

Hey guys. i´m new in the forum, i got a simple question, how can i link the kongou kokuretsu zan ? i´ve tried many times and i still cant´t perform it, hope this is the right place to ask.

In the future you’d have a better chance of a question like that being answered in the general discussion thread. I’m no Akuma expert so there may be other ways, but the one I know of is after a LK Tatsu, s. LP (or possibly c. LP) air reset, then KKZ.