Street Fighter 3 rd Strike for a Novice - Help

Hello guys, I am completely knew to the series and I am thinking of taking seriously competitively. online and offline. Note: I have not played any Street Fighter, however I have played Tekken somewhere in the past =]. I am here to ask you guys whether it’s possible for me to be great it or is it just to late for me.

Thank you, Relapse.

Well the main thing IMO that kept people from getting good at games without going to tournaments and having regular offline competition is that the netcode is usually too shitty to learn what you need to be competitive. The netcode in this game even in weaker connections is very solid and definitely good enough for teaching you to play the game on a competitive level. Any of the top players of any fighting game got good by playing regularly and learning from their mistakes. Top players like J.Wong and Daigo spent hours a day playing at the arcade to get where they are. Just like an athlete practices daily for a sport you gotta practice daily and ask questions about what you are doing wrong regularly and what you can be doing right. Find good players that will help you learn the ropes and just remember to play a lot.

Practice. Play the game first by trying to enjoy it. Yeah, it has a steep learning curve, but I’ve seen mind games in Tekken that are straight-up nasty. The hardest thing about learning, which is really the most important, is finding competition whether friendlies or tournies. It would also help if you found people who can answer any questions that come up from playing. Remember too not get too ahead of yourself with questions, too. There’s no point in learning how to red parry in the first week of play. Learn how to play first, think of issues, ask questions to people who will hopefully help you.

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First impressions from someone who never played 3S before…

The gameplay itself is fun. Feels “faster” than it looked in vids before playing. I suck very badly, but have had some fun matches so far - which says something considering I dont know what the hell I’m doing on any characters, I don’t know what the enemy specials/supers are capable of or how to counter them, and pretty much everyone I face is obviously better than me. But it’s still fun so that’s the important part.

Biggest hurdle so far is execution, especially since there is no display for what inputs your pressing so you cant see exactly where you are messing up. You seem to need to be much more precise than I’m used to and that’s throwing me off pretty bad, primarily in combos. I’m new to using arcade stick (but comfortable in all but the harshest situations on MvC), and in 3SO the BnB’s feel like the higher execution combos in MvC and definitely harder than the combos were in SF4. I can’t even get Akuma’s kara throw to work and have no clue why - I’m using the key presses from the guide but it’s not canceling the attack in to a throw (don’t know if I need to do it from a specific distance, or do it faster or slower or what)… and the super attack motions are giving me issues when trying to combo them with stick (havent tried them on pad) which is probably the biggest disadvantage I’ve faced in fights since I’m stuck slowly chipping away at my enemies. But I think in the long run the difficulty with execution will actually be a good thing - who doesnt want better execution?

I was a bit worried about graphics before playing, but I’m satisfied… the most important thing is that they run smooth more than graphic detail and animations are definitely smooth - at least smoother than I remember HDR SSF2 and MvC2 were.

I expected a bit more variety in the trials from how the pre-release videos made it seem, but they seem to scale up in difficulty pretty nicely so it’s acceptable. Seems to be a large amount of challenges as well but we’ll see how long they keep coming.

Online has ran great for me so far, although my NAT is yellow (even though I have a wired connection and DMZ setup), but even though most people I faced were yellow-red I still rarely seen a rollback (even in full lobbys) so all is good.

Overall I’m pleased. Enjoying things at the moment and seems like things will become much more enjoyable in the long run, once I’m comfortable with the controls and a character/enemy characters/basic strats for fighting them.

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I think 3SOE is good for the community overall. SF4 is a good game, but it will be good for people to play a fighter that is less forgiving and requires real execution skill. As for attaining that skill, there is no fast answer. I was/am a 3s player since the Dreamcast launch. It takes time but you can’t give up or get discouraged. Firstly, find a character that you just have a good vibe with. Some characters are easier to learn than others. Ryu and Ken are plenty strong so stick with them for a while. Once you learn the fundamentals of 3s, you will need to practice. Frequent your fighter’s forum section here on SRK, try to learn their BnB’s and when to use them, learn each of their normals including the frame advantages/disadvantages and when and when not to use them. Watch match vids of high level players to see if you can find new ideas, finally PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Be it real fights or training mode to learn spacing and execution, you have to want to be better. If it wasn’t for GGPO and Supercade ass-whoopings then I would have never gotten anywhere in 3s. Just take your time with it, don’t try to be the next Kuroda overnight.

Watch C-Royd’s 3s tutorial vids, they will help you a ton:

Thank you so much DevilJin01+Munchkin+Spyridon+ManRightChea for the helpful tips. I decided I will complete all the trial modes and then move on the player matches and just constantly play until I am ready for the guys on ranked. I am from the UK and the game just came up on the dashboard now.

If it isn’t too much trouble, I would love for you guys to add me and help me on my way =]

My gamertag is : Suppose.

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Go to click on “footsie handbook”. Read it then read it 10 more times. Very useful information and shows the essence of Street Fighter and fighting games for that matter.

It all depends on you. A friend of mine has been playing maybe a year and can roll with the rest of Denjin players now who have all been playing at least 6 years. I’ve met people in Japan who qualified for SBO after only playing the game for 2 years.

On a side note, I don’t know how far you took Tekken, but I’ve heard from many top Tekken players that 3s is the closest SF game to Tekken. I don’t know shit about Tekken tho so I have no idea.