Street Fighter 3 on XBOX LIVE marketplace! Petition

Hi fellas!
I’m writing this message because I think that microsoft has to bring street fighter III 3rd strike to the Xbox Live marketplace, so, I’ve created a petition! :bgrin:

I do believe this would be a wonderful thing for every SF fan: players from all the world will be able to fight against each other on the live services, like sf2 or sf4.

In the petition I’ve deliberately omitted any link to any community/site for the petition support in order to shed from me every suspect of spam and stuff like that.

It is with the utmost sincerity that I’m proposing this to you all so that maybe microsoft will notice us and satisfy us.

Here’s the link:


Lots of spelling mistakes in your petition.

Good Idea.

fuck third strike and fuck that petition. if i wasn’t so lazy i’d petition capcom to keep it off XBLA and PSN forever but if someone else wants to make it i’ll gladly sign!

Wow what a terrible idea and petition. You know that spell check exists for a reason.

<3 Monte/Sazae.

Fuck SF3

someone needs more sf4 in their life.

not me barf

they just might if they feel they can port it cheaply enough and profit on it, but wouldnt know how feasible that it

lol, count 4 in that petition :wgrin:

to the OP, you maybe would get more support in the SF3 section you know

Fuck SF3 but if they want to do a 4th SF3 revision (with parry gone or seriously reworked), I’ll not only sign, I’ll use my mad tech writing skills to rewrite the petition for maximum awesomeness.

Street Fighter 3 is a good game.

2nd Impact btw.

80 out of 100 topics are about 3rd strike.

Damn. Shot down hard.

11 signatures. oohhhh very compelling petition.

fuck sf3.

now see this would be wonderful why can’t more people aspire to greatness

didn’t know scrubs wanting to change games to fit their own worthless ideals was an indicator of greatness. talk about sucking the meaning right out of a word

ps. these petitions don’t work, and thank god otherwise ideas 100 times worse than this would become a reality every day

um cant u just play 3rd strike online through the anniversary collection???

hello, 2df and ggpo?!?

1rst off buy an xbox bring ur ass online and get some then come over to cvs2 and get some on there too im sure snaake would be glad to bust ur ass on there damn all the noobs are slowing my ranting