Street Fighter 3: New Generation/2nd Impact tiers?

I still play New Generation and 2nd Impact frequently, but im not too familiar with the tier list in both of them. I was wondering if any of you know the tier lists for both games?

I think with 2nd Impact Ibuki and Akuma are the best, then everyone else

I thought Ibuki and Sean were tops in 2nd Impact?

You know I never thought I’d say it but I haven’t seen a tier thread spring up in a while.

I thought it was Ibuki, Sean and Akuma?

Whats the deal with Ken? Hes pretty good in New Generation, hes got 2 stocks of Shinryuken which is pretty good. But what I noticed is that its harder for him to crossover, and his mp,hp,srk combo is harder/almost impossible to connect. I know that sean is a monster also in both games, but what makes ibuki and akuma so different from how they are in 3rd Strike?

In a New Generation guide I have, they said that Yun/Yang is the best. I think Ibuki is supposed to be pretty strong in it too. It’s hard to gauge tiers in NG and 2I though because every character is so busted. You can do such retarded links with Ken and he’s still only mid in either of them; just imagine what the characters above him are capable of.

That guide is the reason I even know SF tournaments exist. It had coverage of what was probably one of the first SFIII tourneys ever held, with Valle vs Choi in the finals.

I remember that guide that your talking about. I remember when I was maybe 9 years old, I remember going into the supermarket with my mom, and they had that guide there in the magazine section haha. I remember looking at it. Fighting games must have been pretty popular back around when I was 9 to have them selling Street Fighter Strategy guides in a supermarket haha. What are some of Kens insane links? Do you think they have tournaments at all anymore for either New Generation or 2nd Impact? If theres any places you know would have vid’s of it, I’d love to see.

Alright, let me take a stab at this.

Tiers for ARCADE New Generation:

God = Ibuki
High = Twins, Oro
Okayish = Sean, maybe Ken
Crap = Everyone else

Ibuki has all kinds of stupid easy hit-confirms into SA3 as well as a useful infinite. Twins’ SA2 is amazing, much faster (read: lots of hit confirms) and more damaging than in 3s. Oro is good for one reason: Tengu Stone lasts as long as the normal version in 3s, but has the same juggling properties as the EX one. Combine this with the general higher damage in this game, and one close strong = death.

Sean is decent because he deals sick damage with everything and can dizzy anyone in like 2 combos. I’m not sure how similar Ken is to his incarnations in the other 2 games, if he’s mostly similar he probably belongs here.

Here’s what the Dreamcast version would look like:

Top = Ibuki, Twins
Okayish = Sean
Crap = Everyone else

They removed Ibuki’s infinite and the juggling on Tengu Stone, hence the differences.

Now for 2nd Impact:

God = Ibuki
Hella Broken = Akuma, Yun, Yang, Sean
Broken = Ryu, Ken
Crap = Everyone else

Ibuki’s still mostly the same as in Dreamcast NG, but now has good EX moves to boot. Akuma has the stupid divekick, and Raging Demon is far easier to combo than in 3s (actually hit-confirmable). Yun is mostly the same as in 3s, except Genei-Jin is even easier to combo (works from low forward, for instance). Yang has a way better low strong than in 3s, and it links to low short -> low forward XX mantis (which is great in and of itself, as well). Additionally, SA1 is really really good; it has 2 stocks in this game, AND it’s faster than in 3s so there are a number of ways to hit-confirm into it. Sean’s normals have better frame advantage than in 3s, he still deals great damage and stun, and Hyper Tornado has 2 stocks. He’s Ken on crack, basically.

Speaking of Ken, he’s mostly the same as in 3s (no double shoryu though). However, his super has even more range and the links into it are even easier. There is also at least one extra link into it that was removed from 3s (close strong -> fierce, easy link). And Ryu is also a lot like in 3s, except Denjin has 2 stocks. This is a huge help to him, as it allows him to use EX fireballs frequently and creates extra setups (EX fireball into denjin, EX donkey kick juggle into denjin). And if you somehow have a full bar, there is the possibility of landing two consecutive Denjin setups FTW.

Well, that’s my take on it. Hopefully an old-schooler can come in here and correct my mistakes. =)


Didn’t play much NG, but I remember Ibuki + Dudley had easy infinites, Y/Y was easy mode, and Ken with 2 Shinryukens were top or near top and Elena was dead-fucking last.

Edit: Oh yeah… Oro Tengu was god too. Forgot about that

Top -
Ibuki (SAIII was 1-frame, half-screen stupidity)
Gouki (Nigh-unbeatable Dive Kick, etc.)

Sean (Big damage, 2 Hyper Tornados with corner links, etc.)
Urien (Sick damage/stun)

Everyone else (you can make arguments for a couple of characters in 2nd tier like Denjin Ryu)

Dead Last
Elena (parry bait)

Even though Sean is a monster in the game, alot of his shit is quite easy to parry as well. If it wasn’t for his high stun/damage rates, I’d say he’d be parry bait as well. In 3s hes my parry bait.

Dudley infinite? Is it just sweep x n? I still don’t think he’d really have enough else to hang, but then Oro really doesn’t either. shrug

I know Ken had 2 Shinryukens, but are there any links into that thing? I’d still think Shippu would be better, but maybe I’m missing something.

And sorry, but I don’t think Urien is that great. No unblockables, and Tyrant Slaughter has some hit-confirms but not enough compared to Ibuki/Sean/Yang. Also he can’t combo from his fireballs, and I don’t think he has the f+fierce overhead in this one.

Yang is excellent, people knew this back in the day even. Probably better than Sean, they both have awesome hit-confirms but Yang also has the divekick and the ever-powerful EX Mantis. America didn’t think Yun was that good back then IIRC, but we didn’t think he was good in 3s either. Seriously, play him and you’ll see that he’s just like in 3s except with a sucky fierce shoulder but more combos into Genei-Jin.

Glad to see people posting about this, though. =)


ken’s links were just really stupid in 2I. He could link off of just about any normal. c.forward, , c.strong, s.forward, and close s.fierce ALL link into super. The other shotos could do it also but sean just had a lot more damage output and stun. His s.strong,roundhouse links easy into super. had a decent guard string with close s.strong, into close s.roundhouse (knee) and if it hit you can go right into super.

Did any of you get the chance to unlock/play as shin akuma? Double air fireballs=god tier. 0_0

Yeah but not tourney eligible so thats something that many just take for granted.

some of you are forgetting the other reason why Sean was the best shoto back then

just hold back and press any button a few times

saotome just hit the right answer right on the kisser. that glitch complimented his super comboing ability extremely! he was worse than yun when able to build meter fast, shit was so annoyingly fast

Aw man, I remember Ryu’s two-hit shoryuken. God that thing was vicious.

I like Ryu’s 2-hit Srk. I think they should of gave him it in 3s. So then each of the Shotos would have they’re on distinguishable Srk. Its funny how Sean was god back in those 2 games, but in 3s hes shit now.