STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO - Pasadena, CA - sunday 6/29

Street Fighter 2 turbo: hyper fighting tournament

3 pm Sunday 6/29

at play n trade video games

247 east colorado blvd pasadena 91101.

10 dollar entry, sign up in store

played at 7 star speed (using the speed code, it’s way fun at this speed) on a super nintendo (awesome port). If you haven’t played in a while and want to practice, use an analog tv if you have one because the game works better so it’s better practice and more fun. you can also show up early if you want. If there are a ton of complaints I’ll change the speed, but it is a lot of fun at 7 stars.

My friend and I have played a ton of fighting games and consider this the best street fighter ever made.

the entry fee is 10 dollars with a large, possibly full payout because play n trade just opened in pasadena and is happy to host the tournament.

This is the first tournament I’ve hosted so I’m sorry about the short notice. If you love this game or just want to show up, please do. Come watch if you want, and you can sign up in store any time in advance. Tell your friends and come out sunday to play n trade.

oh yeah, and please sticky since the tournament’s in a week.

I will be there!!! Wow are you really playing on Speed 7? hahaha This is the best game ever, I can handle it at that speed =)


ps: what time does it start?

snes 7 stars!!! damn i might have to drive up.

sorry it starts at 3 pm

do u have snes controllers??
7 stars??
guile can just rub one out and get a sonic boom

lol yeah that’s pretty funny. We do have snes controllers but bring your own if you want.

since when did pasadena get an arcade after pac-man closed down? is there marvel?

so whats up with the results of this place? Sorry I could not make it. Hope you guys had a good showing and will keep the tourneys coming.