Street fighter 2 Scans needed, can anyone help me out? :)

Hi :slight_smile:
Im a fellow street fighter fan and im trying to get
a 3D model made of M.bisons VTOL Aircraft, Interior and exterior.

before it can be made into 3d
I need a schematic,concept for it done.

im currently Commissioning this guy to make the Schematic for it

if anyone has access to either
Scans or artwork of this aircraft.

from either “The Complete Works of Street Fighter II Movie”
“Street Fighter II The Movie Perfect Album.” artbook’s.

or even Screen captures from the Street Fighter II Movie NTSC-J PSX or SegaSaturn
Interactive game’s art gallery.

with decent resolution scanned,
that would be Extremely helpful to us.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There’s a forum for artwork.