Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick Spec help

Just recently purchased a new (stored) stick offline for super cheap and mmmmmmmmint. I’m looking at swapping the buttons out and possibly the arcade stick so I feel a little bit more at home on it. Looking to get the size of the buttons (they seem bigger than 30mm) and the possibility of sticks to be swapped.

Getting back into 3rd strike and looking to work at it with this stick, any help/specs would be welcome.


The holes are actually smaller than 30mm.
They are 28mm.

What makes you feel at home?
Japanese parts?

Because if you want to install Japanese parts, you will need to modify the Case.
You know, make the holes bigger.

I don’t really know what you want.
So all I can show you is this.

I do not think it will help you.

i think he means he feels at home because it the american style like the super street fighter and mortal kombat arcade units of the 90’s?
this sanwa and ball top stuff was new to me until SF4, my other sticks were MAS