Street Fighter #14 & DarkStalkers #4 covers

SF #14
Cover (A): REY
Cover (B):*Carlo Baberi
Cover ©: Arnold Tsang

DS #4
Cover (A): Alvin Lee
Cover (B): Joe Vriens
Cover ©: Joe Madureira

just skip down to the udon section

The Sagat Foil is finally here :wow:


I also really like Cover A. It looks really funky, and has a cool pic of Gouken.

Mohammed Ali

There is some NEXT LEVEL stuff goin’ down man… that Sagat foil cover…daammnnnnn…
man is HYPED!!

The Sagat cover looks great, but I can’t say I care much for the other two.

As for the DS covers, Morrigan and Lilith looks a bit too boyish as it were, but the Victor is awesome, and the Demitri one isn’t bad either.

Ah yes Sagat’s looking awesome, at last! Jo Chen never disappoints me with her power foils lol. Covers A and B aren’t really to my taste though, they just don’t use an art style that appeals to me personally, no offence intended.

The DarkStalker’s power foil looks promising, the sketch looks pretty well done I’ll look forward to seeing that in colour. I also think that Alvin Lee’s cover A looks pretty damn good and Joe Vriens’ B also looks impressive, though I prefer to see more characters in a non power foil variant personally.

Alvins DS cover and the SF Foil (Arnold is handling the foils now?) look nice. The rest… meh.

That’s some great stuff!

I like them all. I really like REY’s cover. Glad to see they gave him a cover.

sahweeeet, a fantastic month for covers, reys is pretty cool, sf cover b rocks , and the sagat cover is proper mega. Darkstalkers all look awesome , joe mad rocks my world. Hot dang! Good link, thanks superbadkarma :slight_smile:

Is it just me or does Cover A of SF14 (the one with Gouken), look like it was drawn in a similar way to that picture someone drew of Mel when he grows up. I’ll try posting the picture if I find it. I might be way off. Anyway, just thought I’d share that.

Mohammed Ali

dude, your right, thats the same artist, rey , he does the backup funny strip in every issue, and that mel concept is on his website…

Damn, not to offend the artists or anything, but I really dislike the A & B covers, yuck. But the foil DEFINETELY makes up for it, WAAY to nice.

How can you say they look disgusting??? I think they all look fantastic, you have to appreciate an artists style.

Cover A and B look very amatuerish.

Whoa, Rey’s cover is dope. Looks very fresh and graffiti-ish.

Nice covers… I want them all!!!

Thanks to everyone who enjoys my cover. It’s absolutely a dream come true.

To those who don’t like it, I will strive to produce something you deem worthy. I hold the Street Fighter franchise close to my heart, as you do :]

Rey, fuck the haters, your cover is the hypeness. I almost lost control of my bodily functions when I saw that they gave you a cover.

Hey Rey,

I’m feeling your art style. I think some people prefer the same look in every single cover but yours are pleasently different. I was wondering what that Street Fighter picture on your site was for. Was it something you did for fun, or is it going to be another cover? For those that don’t know which one I’m talking about, its here. I hate to sound clich but “Keep up the good work” :tup:

Mohammed Ali

Apart from the fact that i’d love any cover with Sakura on it, the Sagat Power Foil is just KICK ASS!! :slight_smile: I want it! And I hope to see the Demitri one in power foil form pretty soon! ^^

mohammed- nah, that’s just an old pinup i did.

thanks everybody