Street Fighter 1 triple srk (please rate)

here’s an “automatic” combo the computer did. rate the video and tell me if you have pulled off such a combo before using ken’s hurricane kick.


Mmm, it looks too situational to really be viable in competitive play.

Street Fighter “1”?

What strength!

that was stupid

sorry i gave away all my fives on youtube already

Shiiiiit son, you got mad SF1 skills ! How you got it out on the first try AND get it to combo like that is beyond me… PROPS !

help im lost

MACROS!!! :rofl:

…just kidding. Good stuff!

youtube ratings are fukkin serious

Wow…that’s one killer SRK…

Hahaha. Great shit.

I remember when I first pulled off a hadoken in this game and the match suddenly ended. I LOL’d in real life.

Hey its a Shin Shoryuken o_o

Holy Shit! :rofl:

That was actually much cooler then I thought it would be.

Awwwwwright! :rofl:

Did Gen jump into the last hit? Damn, AI nothing close to ST’s.

I thought the whole “lol SF1 is ridiculous” shit was hella old.

Whoo whoo video thread complete with “please rate”.

I went down to the beach and saw Kiki

So you still play sf1?