Street Fight Thursdays: LongBeach CA

SBGC Presents: Street Fight Thursday’s.
come down to P-Lay’s(2060 Santa Fe ave, LongBeach CA) on Thursday the 5th
For our Bi-weekly locals!

-1v1 Double Elimination
(Best out of 3)
-Double blind selection can be done(let me, the TO know which character you are intending to use) this can be used to avoid counter picking.
-Players decide on starting side(or coin flip)
-Winner must report to T.O to update bracket.
-Only the loser of the match(one or two) can choose to switch characters, the winner of the match must stay with the same character chosen.
-Draw matches must be replayed
-standard 99sec best of 3 match rules(no exceptions)
-players that are called to their stations must be available within 2 minutes of match or be disqualified.
-Banned Stages: Training stage, Kanzuki Beach

Sign ups start at 4:30pm
Event starts at 5pm
$5 venue fee
$5 entry fee

Winner gets:
Full Entry pot!

-we will be STREAMING on one station and top 8 will be saved to our SBGC Twitch and YouTube pages for your viewing pleasure

Please be respectful to the venue and to your fellow participants! I.E. Keep your raging Demons in match!

No outside food or Drink Please, snacks and drinks are available at venue. There is also a few food places and a market nearby.

$1 dollar off Entry when you RSVP to the event on Facebook!

Please contact me:(Brandon) 562 296 7664 or on Facebook for questions or clarification on anything I might have missed!

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