Streaming from old 360

Hey guys, I’m building a streaming setup, but I’m having an issue that I didn’t expect (I really should have planned for this, but I’m dumb, so sorry)

Here’s my gear:
Release day 360
Evo Monitor
Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

Now my problem…The 360 does not have an HDMI out. It’s too old, it only has that xbox video out that goes into the component cables. That would be ok because I could just grab this guy ( and send one signal to the blackmagic, and the other to the tv, but the evo monitor only has hdmi in :frowning:

Is there an affordable, lagless component > HDMI converter that I can pick up?

Is there some other solution that would be better?

The less expensive the better, but I don’t want lag.


Blackmagic doesn’t have vga in so that doesn’t really help me.

Component does carry a HD picture as well. I know its limited on the Xbox 360 to only 720p instead of a full 1080 like HDMI. But the HD specs are 720 (or better).
Keep in mind not all games in HD display at 1080, some only do 720.

Actual component specs do support up to 1080, but the signal lacks the HDCP that Bluray players require (software wise) for the display.

What I’m asking is, does anyone know of a component to HDMI converter that doesn’t cause lag?

I play at 720 anyways, so that’s ok.