Stream channel ideas (youtube)

Hey guys, I’m working on a youtube channel and wanted to start adding commentary and stream matches. Any helpful ideas or tips or anything you all would like to see? I’ve been in the community since I was 15, now am 33 so I think it’s time to give back xD. Let me know folks. Feel free to discuss any equipment you all think I should use or any topics that are lacking that would be of any benefit etc. At the moment only actual match footage is what I have, still need to comment and intro, music, topics to talk about etc.

So far looking into:

Canon 80d
Rode Mic

Edit with Premier Pro software

Box lights for lighting and will redo desk

DSLR and the Mic are good places to start.
Some Hollywood directors now use DSLRs now for cinematic filming.
Since you have a Canon 80d so quality wise you are covered unless record in 4K or want to record with a wider angle than the 1.6 sensor allows.
I don’t know what kind of shooting you are going for the video commentary, so I not going to suggest a lens. You can get Away with Kit lenses to start with.
And the Rode mic is really nice too.
You have all the equipment to make some really high end videos.

Only other thing I could recommend is a good capture card.
If you need to do any Video capture from a HDMI console, look into some HDPC stripping, most HDMI splitters have HDCP stripping.
Don’t use the console’s internal app. This way you can edit and stream it to your liking.

From here down, down the line with your You Tube career, once this becomes viable financial move.

Do not use the same machine to video capture and game at the same time.
Like what ever your capture/ live streaming PC is, be a separate machine than your gaming rig.
That way your video capture/ live stream does not effect your game play.

If you are doing older console games, Look into running those consoles in RGB video.
Warring this can be very pricey depending on what you using and if you have to do any console mods.

Here some other YouTubers explain their video recording setups, and their behind the scenes. Both do very different style gaming channels.

PC Gaming Hardware Channel - Jay 2 Cents

Retro Consoles - My Life in Gaming (they got a sub series on Retro Console RGB video)

This one is actually from a Magic the Gathering Channel but its their behind the scene’s including how he writes and edits his episodes.
His day job is an English Professor. Tolarian Community College

I Don’t follow any channels that focuses on the FGC that did a behinds a scenes yet of their production.

Hey thanks for the input man, that is a good amount of info in that post. I have a spare pc, so I will need to set that up for capturing while gaming on the other. I think the kit lens should be good for starting and can see if I need better lens after. any recommended capture cards?

There a whole thread on streaming and capture cards, I just don’t have a link for you at the moment.

I did find this

Hey thanks man, I’ll look into it.