Strats that do not involve setting up infinites

IM is all about setting up infinites. and we all know that it’s never nice to be on the receiving side of an infinite, plus we could get physical harm if you do it too much =)

so how about some zoning strats with bombs, or some damaging combos with resets from assists.

i’m sure IM has more stuff up his sleeve other then “hoo ha oo boom…hoo ha oo boom…hoo ha oo boom…hoo ha oo boom…hoo ha oo boom…hoo ha oo boom…hoo ha oo boom…hoo ha oo boom…hoo ha oo boom…hoo ha oo boom…”

If you are wondering about resets…the only resets I know are once you get them in the infinite. In order to reset a combo, you almost have to be doing something that doesn’t end [an infinite].

I would too also like to know how to zone properly with IM. I think I am going to pick back up playing IM. I started, and learned how to do all the combos except the unfly semi-infinite…because I just don’t see how it is practical.

I guess a tatic that doesn’t deal with his infinite would be chipping methods with IM/Doom. I don’t know that there is a specific thing to do, I think it is more of spur on the moment decision chipping. example, cable super jumps…okay, wavedash and place doom where he lands, jump up and smart bomb to protect ur doom, then maybe come down and tk a jp unibeam at the end of doom or ur smart bombs

i remember cerebral assassin had a lot of strats with IM, and they were very good, i sure wish he would come back…but I wouldn’t if i were him…his first thread was lost, second one closed when shit changed in SRK…wut would happen to a third one?

I remember a reset Justin Wong uses when he plays IM on occasion, it was…Launch, sj.LK, sj.uFP, dash up, sj.LP, sj.uFP, fly, fly down and behind, sj.LP, sj.uFP, FP Unibeam.

Otherwise, don’t rely too much on resets with Iron Man. Worry about getting good, solid damage with him. And you will not get a lot of damage outside the infinite. So either concentrate on general rushdown and try to get an infinite setup or if you have someone you can DHC into, try to connect a Protein Cannon.

boooo…if only IM had more cool things to do.

storm has run away and lots of rush down, mag is pure style, sent has some cool stuff up his sleeve too.

all well, guess IM is stuck to being an infiniter…well at least if you’re really pro at the infinite you could take out all 3 characters once you get it on the first one, and do a guard break into the infinite when the new character comes in…nasty shite

oh yeah question, in MvC, WM had a semi-infinite after an air combo when you cancel into flight and you go [lp, mp, u+fp, dash] until your flight runs out. does he still have this?

Well, that really only makes Iron Man a “hit or miss” character. I mean, yes, it’s possible you’ll win the match straight off the bat if you’re able to do the infinite almost at the beginning, kill, guard break (which is sj.LP, dash, sj.LP, sj.uFP, for those of you curious, UNESCAPABLE!). I wish Iron Man was just a little bit faster or had better attack options, rarely he’ll be able to put a big dent in the big 4, but he’s alright, in SOME instances.

Even though I hate to admit it, I have to agree with geekboy in that he doesn’t really hamper the big 4. The only way I could see playing Ironman in a tourny, is if your have tron backing you, or doom. Because with doom you can do damage without you having to land a literal hit. Tron because gawd, she can just eat an assist up that is called out at a bad time [opp. called their assist…shit, call tron and super jump/triangle jump/hop over those three things depends on the situation], and she helps zone really well too.

in my opinion sent/tron kills magneto

imo the best im teams would be:

but once again…just my opinion

As it stands, IM doesn’t have any TERRIBLE match ups (except probably Storm when the whore is running away, but who doesn’t?), it’s just that he goes even at best. I’d say Magneto is the best match up of the entire god tier, since the only way you can do damage with the old jew is rush down, and since IM’s launcher beats Magneto when he tri-jumps, I’d say they go even at worse.

Match up wise, Iron Man will have an easier time in these degrees of difficulty (1 being hardest and 4 being least hard):

  1. Storm
  2. Cable
  3. Sentinel
  4. Magneto

Magneto isn’t the hardest because Iron Man with good assists pretty much make rushdown Magneto dead. He can’t triangle jump you (much) and he won’t be able to dash in on you, therefore cutting off his attack options completely and just running away until he can DHC/Counter in someone else who can probably fight him.

Sentinel is 3rd because of Iron Man’s ability to catch him in the air sometimes with air combos (IE, Sentinel sjs -> immediate fly, Iron Man can do quick air combo, possibly into UnFly combo) and because Sentinel without a good AA is sort of weakened.

Cable ranked 2nd is realistic. Iron Man will lose this fight 2/3. No matter what assist Cable has, Iron Man cannot risk a lot of things in order to attack and must rely on either catching him with an infinite setup or hopefully being able to DHC/Counter out Iron Man for someone better. Otherwise, a lot of Iron Man’s normal attack options are shot to shit because they’re all AHVB vulnerable.

Storm is 1st because 1. She runs away no problem from Iron Man. 2. She has the best offense against him if she has Sentinel backing her up. Fighting Storm is pretty much crap, cause if you try to tri-jump in, you’ll get s.RH and you’re dead. Turtling is pretty much useless and you’ll just be running the clock down in HER favor.

Iron Man does have his occasions when he’ll be able to win a match up against any of those 4 if/when he’s able to do the infinite, but if you’re trying to do anything else, I doubt it’d be a big impact. Otherwise, stick to using big 4 vs big 4 since that’s the only real way you’re gonna win.

IMO, with the right assists (BH AAA and Cable AA come to mind), IM stands a pretty good chance against Storm. Cable stops her rushdown and tri-jumps, and BH gets rid of most runaway options. With the right setups using this team, IM is able to close in and set up an infinite.

Iron Man’s basic zoning tool is the Smart Bomb, but you have to remember that unless you’ve called an assist before you do it, all this really accomplishes is getting the opponent beneath you, which may or may not be a good thing. In older games that was great because no one can really match IM’s priority coming down (air roundhouse, air fierce, knee dive) but with AAAs being prevalent, it means less now. You can bait the AAA by using your airdash (if you still have it), but you risk losing attacking momentum. Regardless, SBs are IM’s best tool for getting the opponent to MOVE.

You can also use the flight for extra mobility. Something people forget about IM is that he doesn’t really have to come down from a jump until he wants to. Knee dive got a priority boost, so you can reasonably harass someone by knee diving xx flight a lot (even more annoying when you call assists while doing it). You can also use the flight to cancel the lag of some of his more useful (but slow) normals, such as s.fierce and c.roundhouse.

I agree that IM’s best assist bar none is Doom. Iron Man does a lot better when the opponent feels like he HAS to do something to get the lead back. Tron is not as good, as it doesn’t keep IM from being ran from.

I’ve been trying to experiment with Iron Man’s flight options with Mag-a and Sent-g. Now, keep in mind that doing this against Cable is HIGHLY unrecommended, but this is what I think would be good. Having UnFly would help too.


c.FP (the missile) + Mag, fly, Smart Bombs, unfly, Jab Unibeam, land, sj. Smart Bombs (don’t leave the ground by much), fly, call Mag, Smart Bombs, unfly, Protein Cannon xx HSF (won’t hit, but is good for safe tag)


For Sent…the above would work more, but you should fly in closer, do a knee dive, refly, j.RH+Sent, unfly, dash back, sj. Smart Bombs xx Protein Cannon xx Magnetic Shockwave

w3rd, Cable AA talk as an anti-rushdown tool, that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t use Cable anymore (mags/sent/tron scrub here, lol) but it’s always good to see people using his AAA more and more (Musker/Deraj told me that he’s seeing more and more people use it since my big bitch on the Fluffy strats repost, which totally said NOT to use it) and more for what it’s supposed to be used for.


ok all of u r saying that IM’s best assist is doomAAA, but i second that, in my eyes i think sent(ground) is the best

i use wm/im/sent and i have won so many fucken matches with this team, to me its solid

to me wm/im are exactly the same now( i guess i got use to em or something) most of the time i end up getting the inf in, the only time i really lose is if i do something fancy and i mess up(dam my fanciness). my most challengin team to fight is scrub, all they do is run away but i jus get patient and sj smart bombs all day if they do, or ill even run away. eventually they will get tired and go at u, thats wen u do an inf set-up

plus i luv to use sent/IM, sentinel fast fly combs using IM can help alot, and wm proj assist can be used like mags , so this has now become my fav team, and i get my wins in with it

so fuck doom!!! i hate that fucker, especially wen he starts to run away like a bitch

peace( this is my 50 cents on this subject)1

wm is crap, was crap and will always be crap. there is no need to use 2 of the same charachter. and the only, only thing wm has over im is launch xx war destroyer. if wm can do it, im can do it better and land a pc on the end of it. everything form his pc to his assist, im is suppereor in everyway.