Strating a Tournament with the Right Equipment

I made this thread to help people that are trying to start tournaments in there area or are already doing tournaments in there area but need more knowledge about equipment. (Like my self.)

Note: If you mention a product please make shore you put the cost of the pruduct, have that correct name of the product or add a link to a website where you found the product.

Here are a the Question.

  1. What are the best TV’s I can buy that wont make the game lag?

  2. How do i know which tv dosen’t make the gameplay lag before I buy it?

  3. Which are the cheapest TV’s i can buy that wont make the game lag?

  4. Which console **is better to play **Street Fighter 4. Xbox 360 or PS3?

  5. Which console makes the following games feel closer to the arcade version?

5.1 Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS3, Xbox 360, Dream Cast or other)

5.2 Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (PS2, Xbox or Other)

5.3 Street Fighter 2/SF2 HD Remix (Xbox 360, PS3 or Other)

  1. What can i buy to record matches that wont make the game lag?
    (Please suggest more then one product.)

  2. What web site can i set up a live feed that has the less lag for the viewers.

  3. Will setting up a live feed make the game play slower?

If any one else has any questions please feel free to ask and i will add them to the thread.

Also I will try to put helpful answers under the questions so it is easier to find.

Try to keep this thread first page.