Strategic Guidelines

While I was in the process of preparing a speech on strategy I was thinking that in order to formulate a strategy in any game you have to know your goals. Once you do that then you can determine the best ways of achieving your goals, and ultimately you develop a strategy.

 Note before all you burghy-esk flamers post let me say that its not enough to say that your goal is to win, and hitting your opponent is the best way of achieving that goal.  (It maybe be true but that kind of information doesnt help cuz its common knowledge so lets dig deeper please.)  Also lets try to stay away from making comments and not explaining them.

  With that said, the question is "Whats the most important thing you can do to help achieve the goal of winning?"   

 As an example ill start us off with "Dont roll rolling is predictable, slow and highly susceptible to counter attacks.  Rolling is a bad move to do especially when you dont know how to use it effectively.

Read the art of war by sun tzu. is good too. From studying strategy, it seems that high paced aggresive offense is the best way to go. Napoleon, Sun Tzu, Hitler, Alexander the Great, Shaka Zulu, Wiliam Wallace, Ghengis Khan, Kublai Khan all used high paced offenses. Of course they don’t just rush in with everything. They only attack to make openings. Top-Tier War Generals know that defense is key too. The Mongols often ran away. The Mongols were outnumbered by their opponents. Everyone was taught that they outnumbered their opponents but recent findings show that the Mongols were often outnumbered by 1/3. Mongols were smart, play smart.

Of course you can’t play a fast paced aggresive offense if your troops are not suited for it. You can’t throw long if your WR is slow. You can’t rtsd well, if you can’t see oppenings, combo of counter hits, and a whole lot of stuff that a good RTSD needs. Get it? so you pretty much have to train yourself to your fullest potential. If you know you can’t RTSD like top player X, it’s probobly not a good idea to do it. When your attacking at x place, and x place has it’s Well trained Cavalry, and you know that you’ll have a huge advantage if you are at x place in the battle field, it’s not a good idea to send your Cavalry that’s not trained well to attack the Cavalry.

I have never seen a winning champion weather it be CVS2, Chess, War, Sports used a high paced aggresive offense. Runaway in CVS2 is an exception but i don’t want to give u a lecture on Runaway.

I’m a Burghy-eque flamer :frowning:

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Burghy, don’t worry. Youre not the worst one.

Christ, we have already been through this, and it has been covered pretty thorough. Did you read all the competitive articles on and all the gameplay articles on Domination 101? What you are proposing we talk about baesd on YOUR knowledge has already been covered be those more qualified to speak on it.

Knowlage is useless unless it is obtained.

Sure all that stuff they wrote is their but is more valuable for people like me to discover it on their own.

Any thing worth learning cannot be taught.

with your current path, you will never learn. If it was more valuable, you wouldn’t use these forums. The whole purpose of this site is to share knowledge. This damn thread is about what? Guidelines. You started it yourself. To save time, take what you can from those around you, and EXPAND on the knowledge that is shared to shape it to your style. If what you say is true, you wouldn’t ever ask me for ANY advice. Reading one article by those who have been there, done that IS obtaining knowledge.

Anything worth learning cannot be taught? That is the dumbest quote I have ever heard. The whole point of interacting with ppl and other gamers is to take what they know, take THAT knowledge to another level, and thus, everyone gets better. If you lived by that quote you put up, YOU WOULDN’T BE A COLLEGE STUDENT.

PS: I take it you didn’t read it. I have watch your skill level (and everyone else around me) for that matter. Either you are a slow learner, stubborn, or don’t really wanna get better. There is no excuse, for you to have as much knowledge and experience as you have around you, for you to be as bad overall as you are. You should be way better than you are. No basic knowledge of fighting games. Sad thing is, you ain’t trying to learn, as much as you say you are. You wanna get better, Practice the basics. anyone who is good to great did it. Practiced what they needed to win. Don’t say you wanna get better, and I see you don’t do whats neccessary to do so.

Yep, Im stubborn, I just realized that, please ignore what I said in the previous post.

u said that practice bnbs in training mode is boring. it is, but perfect practice makes perfect.