Stratagey towards betting turtle player

stratagey towards beating turtle player

i need some general stratagy in beating a turtle k groover playing hibiki, cammy, rock2. i play c groove ehonda, blanka, sagat2 or kgroove cammy, yama, sagat2. i tried to jump in countered with kick or something else. tried throwing fireballs jd. i tried to turtle myself he beat me still. my jd skills are very limited and i cannot roll cancel at all. what else can i try to beat him? thank you for your time and advice.

Try to confuse this guy between pokes and throws. Once you get close, the following things might happen:
Poke war: try to out footsie them and punish on poke. This is harder since they’re playing K, but you shouldn’t have too much problem given your C team
He just sits there, JD’ing or blocking: tick throw. Better yet, just throw. When your spidey sense tells you he’ll try to counter with a jab, block or counter hit with a poke
He’ll play runaway: try to damage him at the beginning of the round, then play runaway and win the match by time. I know this is annoying for both of you, but it will probably annoy him more than you, since it’s ultimately his fault. Failing this, then if he plays runaway, try to corner him. Cammy and Hibiki are good zoners, but Rock is usually played very offensively, so maybe he’s turtling with Rock because he’s not familiar with all of Rock’s offensive options. In this second case, I would say you should try for a random hit and then play runaway yourself. When he comes at you, you should watch out for the jumpin, because it will probably be a JD bait. You can always roll under jumps, Honda can Headbutt, Sagat can dp, Blanka can KKK jump back.

If you can’t beat a turtle with C groove E. Honda…


A turtle K Groover? Well you control their meter, so use that to your advantage Use A Groove :p.

One thing to remember and this was mentioned before, you control their rage meter. This is very risky, but if your opponent is close to having their meter filled, do a quick taunt to fill it. This will almost certainly surprise them, and usually K-groovers switch tactics when they have the rage meter filled so you can predict what they will do. By filling the meter for them, you have made them make a choice as to what to do and given them a limited time to do it in. This gives you another way to control them.

RC elec, RC handslap, RC tiger shot. nuff said.

Stagger your attacks. Like with Sagat do …

cr short (pause) cr mk xx super if you think they’ll mash.

cr short walk up cr short/mk xx super to make them think you’ll tick throw.

cr short walk up throw to make them think you’ll go for counter hit.

If you can do these things then you’ll have something good to start off on.

what characters should i change from my team if any? what characters would be good with footsies and/ or pokes? thanks for the comments i really appriciate it.

Use Guile. :evil:

my thoughts exactly.

walk forward

Ok I would use K-groove Vega because he does wonders against turtles. Try to use Blanka on your Kgroove team too. Also K groove is great for stopping turtles. When you run there isnt much he can do to stop you. If he hits you at least your close to him now. Also small jump just may be the best thing you can use on a turtle, because you can use it to bait them into an anti air or you can just attack. They’re arent’ that many normal anti airs that can stop a small jump M.k with Blanka or small jump F.p or H.k with Vega. What you can also use against Vega is S.Lk, step, S.Lk, throw.

To sum it up, use run, SJ, and throw as much as possible.

especially use A - Akuma, Sak, Iori, Kyo, Vega… who can do a lot of CC block damage.

build up meter at other side when they play turtle… :smiley: