Straight Outta Asgard, Thors thread

Thor Character Art from ‘‘Marvel vs. Capcom 3’’ - Marvel Images

so now that he is confirmed what moves would you like to see?

===MOD EDIT===

Walkthrough by Seth

Command normals:

  • 8 way air dash
  • hammer spin


  • mighty strike (air)
  • mighty spark

L1: lightning whirlwind
L1: Mighty Thunder
L1: Super grab

Whirlwinds and lightning! Storm

Maybe use of the Odinforce as his level 3…I need to see video of him NOW!

I guess we have to behold in breathless wonder now.

I hope they get a cool VA for him, something Cam Clarke-like.

Thor is getting beaten up in almost all of the gameplay screenshots involving him.

Alright Thor, about time really hmmm as for moves I think he might have that “thunder strike” assist he did in MVC1 as a move, dunno if he would use Odin force as a power up type super.

Just speculating for now.

He’s a fucking god!!! Lol make him go all out ape shit! Superskrull looks insane so I’m sure they could do the same with Thor. Lighting and thunder moves would cool to see. I suppose something like lighting storm(storms special) wouldn’t hurt or a special where he throw the hammer at you.

Thor will from this day forward be in every team i play regardless of how good or shitty he plays.

Since silver’s samurai won’t be in it, give Thor SilSho’s instant full screen lightning super! That is all.

Thor will probably have the same VA from the Thor vs Hulk DVD


i always liked the mugen thor, they could take some ideas from him

Or not…

I’d rather they be original.

There’s a screen shot with him shooting lightning

There’s a screen shot with him shooting lightning

Sorry bout the double post.

Thread name is terrible. Should be:

By The Bristling Beard Of Odin! The Thor Thread

Or not. Just my worthless 2 cents.

I support you by adding a penny.

As much as I love the modern Thor look I hope his classic costume is hidden somewhere in the game.

This thread name is actually hilarious.

Cappin’ all these mortals with his mighty MJOLLNIR.

That’s what I heard when I read this title, lol.

It’s official. I’m coverting to Asgardian.


The God of Thunder will be my main character.

i say thee nay!!!