Straight forward AV Request

Naruto AV Request

I’ve been rockin this AV for a long time now and as much as i love it, its time for the new!

I would like a chibi sasuke themed AV now, preferably in the same format as my current (face shot/ small animation) but animation is not absolutely necessary a good still AV is fine also. Must contain my username somewhere also.

Thanks in advance :lovin:

EDIT* please dont use images like this

ONLY images from the anime like this;

i can provide more images upon request

Bump, no takers?

if someone else is working on this please post… but I’ll give this a shot.

EDIT: Is it alright if I reverse the equation and have the face shot be the animation and other part a still. I’ll use something like this

I’ll cut the background out so its only the face btw

Yeah that would be sweet, thanks!

sorry for the delay, but I have been having some problems with the power in my neighborhood.

It’s all good no rush man.

Alright I’ll try and make a long story short. About three weeks ago I fixed my desktop and gotten it running again after having some hardware problems with the hard drive a couple months back. It seemed to be working fine but after the recent blackouts I have been having recently the hard drive is acting screwy again and causing my computer to randomly BSOD.

I am really really sorry about this but not sure if the hard drive is fixable at this point. I am going to try and install Photoshop on my laptop, but it’s kind of old so I’m not sure how well it will run.

All I can really do is thank you for your patience, and be for someone else to take up this job while I go cry in a corner.

:sad: :sad: :sad:

It’s ok dude, problem was obviously out of your hands nothing, you can do when pc goes boom!

So anyone else willing to help out here?