Story Mode glitch: no voice acting

The first day I played Blazblue, I decided I’d do a story mode path to kill some time. To my dismay I didn’t have any voice acting. I was starting Ragna’s story mode and I figured that some of the narration didn’t have any voice to it, but I made it all the way to the first scene with Rachel, and even while they were ‘talking’, not a damn word was being spoken, including the line that had voice acting in the trailer. I had already gone to story mode options, made sure everyone had audio, but even with them set to on, I didn’t get a damn word. Fast forward months ahead to tonight, I just moved my setup into my own room and figured I’d give it another go. I get all the way into Noel’s story where she runs into Carl and the same thing is happening. It’s all silent.

So, what the hell is going on? All of my connections are good, I’m just confused at this point. Thanks in advance to anyone who can suggest something.

What system are you playing on? I never had that problem on the PS3 version. I’ve yet to do story mode on the 360, that’s why I ask. Are you by chance skipping dialogue after you’re finished reading it?

I’m playing on the 360 version. As for skipping the dialogue, I’ve let it scroll and then waited a good couple of minutes before, and still no voice.

try turning up the volume … see if that works

This seems to happen to me as well…