Storm Tri-Jump

I want to use Storm to battle against ppl who pick god-tier characters a lot. My original team is Cammy/Cable/Cyclops but i wanna throw Storm in there just in case there’s sum shenanigans involved but the one thing i cannot get down is the triangle jump. How does the tri-jump work and how can i do it effectively to cross up opponents and deal damage? Any help would be appreciated.

I dont know about that one, but you can make her fly instead, thats pretty effective with a dash, u probably wouldnt need to do a tri jump

Trijumping is done just like this:

  1. Normal jump/Superjump
  2. Hold downforward on the joystick and simultaneously press both punches.
  3. Press an attack

Thats the basic. I’m sure you’ve seen videos of people doing it, so you should know that you want to input #2 as low to the ground as possible in order to catch the opponent off guard. The main attack people use to trijump with her is lk…So insert light kick in #3. Its a little tricky to get it to combo at first. Do something like trijump with lk, land,, /\ aircombo. I actually like trijumping with RH instead. But it comes out slower so players with good reflexes can see it coming.

To crossup with a trijump you need to not do the airdash so close to the ground. And you need start it close to your opponent in order to. Also, you cant input the attack quite as fast or else storm will attack the wrong direction. Practice it in training mode. And look up some vids.