Storm/bh/doom or storm/doom/bh

i always wanted to learn bh but he was way to hard for a begginer. so now that ive learned the rest of the top teir, i want to do bh. im better with storm and doom but u are only as good as ur weakest link . i read the dasrik game faq and “how to tell if ur bh sucks thread” so all im really asking for is the team order.

i know with storm on point La XX LS XX HOD is an easy 100 points of damage, i wont be able to follow up with doom in a DHC. unless i use the armegedon or judgement day. if i had doom second all i could follow up LS with is ground photon shots but that wouldnt do nearly as much damage and then i would have to cancel into BH and if i dont have meter then im screwed. but i think it all comes down to who i want to have on point when storm dies. im better with doom on point and bh as an assist. but if doom dies i wont be making any combacks with BH. However if i when storm dies i play BH on point with doom assist maybe i could implement some stratigies. and then if my last chracter is doom i could try and gain the lead then play runaway/keep away until time runs out.

if i still have all three chracters and i have bh on point well then i could always do something and XX into hailtorm so that is not a problem im just trying to figure out what to do when storm dies. oh yeah and another reason why i might want to put doom last is cuz ill be using that assist more than bh assist as dooms assist helps with rush down and cross ups and he might have a good amount of red health and i wouldnt want to DHC into him. so im trying to decide what order. i know using sent or cyclops would be better but im not going to be palying in tournaments or anything i just want to learn like this i know im stubborn.