Stopping Bullying through the power of comics!

Cartoon Network has a site that allows you to make your own easy to put together comic.

Here is an example of my own artistic genius.

Looks like this whole site is filled with a bunch of cyber bullies.

I don’t need a cell phone to cyberbull you. I got my computer and internet to tell you how much you smell like your face.

Lmao what if he was joking around? I woulda beat his ass. Fuck you throwin my phone for.

Shouldn’t the comic illustrate the student reporting to black Einstein that a student is using a cell phone during class? Seems like the guy with the phone is being bullied.

That is clearly a man of Indian decent you filthy RACIST!!!

I can’t even figure out how to use chat bubbles.

I think you have to pour dish soap into your mouth first.

Jigga what? You can’t whoop my dood.

I love this thread.

“You must find my shoes to stand a chance.”

Some of the published ones are SO fucking corny. They sound like shit that 60 year old social workers would make up.

Holy smokes, these are amazing.

Please, please make more :rofl:

The correct term is Bullying expert.


I think I put too much thought into this one.

I love these comics to death. I didn’t make this one, but I think out of all I’ve seen it is by far my favorite.


Hah I was wondering where these things came from.

With great power comes great at aww fuck it somebody post the link