Stopping a Shoryuken

Is there any way to stop an opponent’s shoryuken when it’s in mid-flight?

During the invincible frames of the move, I believe not. But after the invincible frames it comes down to move priority (assuming overlapping hitting frames). I seem to recall that Chun’s head stomp beats DP’s, for example.

You can look here to see frame data:

I’ll let someone more knowledgeable than me correct any mistakes I’ve made above :slight_smile:

Yeahp, there’s absolutely no messing with DP’s during their invincibility (and in this game they have quite a bit of it). They’re all yours after that, though.

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1:18 - Hawk’s and Claw’s SUPERS beating Ryu’s DP.

2:35 - Hawk’s DP beating a Ryu reversal DP.

^ To this day that thing is my favourite ST video of all time. :tup:

Wow, that’s an awesome video!

A super beating a special seems pretty reasonable.

Hawk’s DP beating a reversal DP by Ryu is a tricky one though. I’m sure that someone is going to post the answer, but my first thought was that when two moves that are hitting simultaneously both have invincibility, then maybe the game engine simple picks a winner - like when two characters are both in throw range and both execute a throw at exactly the same time.

My second thought (after looking at the YBH) was that since Ryu’s jab DP stops hitting and loses its invincibility on its 19th frame, and Hawk’s DP still has invincibility in its 19th frame and keeps on hitting for several frames, that Hawk’s DP winning would be expected if both moves began at exactly the same time. But, in the video it looks like we only see just a few frames of Ryu’s DP animation so this probably isn’t the answer.

Personally, I prefer [media=youtube]yY3Yx9mT6Ks[/media] of the video, but that’s just me.

This is correct.

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Wow VF4, those players in that video were good. Really good. Amazing man. Could you teach me some of that stuff? I started playing street fighter as a little kid, but really didn’t know any “advanced” stuff until later. Started play circa 1997 or so.

And Geo, do I know you? Is your last name McCoy?

And they allowed AKUMA in EVO?!!

Sorry dude, we don’t know each other. I just came out of my ‘dark ages’ and started playing the game again after a 10 year break!

sorry. I had a friend that lived were I did when I was little named Geo. Had a brother named zack and about five or so rottweilers.