Stop Looking for Cookie-cutter Answers

If you’ve come to this forum looking for cookie-cutter, or paper beats rock/scissors everytime answers, stop where you are.
Use this motto for this post: Practice doesn’t make you perfect, it just makes you better. There will never be a perfect answer for x vs. y vs. z

When you approach fighting games, why do you play? to win, or to lose fashionably(AHHHH YOU DIDN’T GET A PERFECT ON ME!). So when you lose, that’s why you’re here, what are you coming here for? to win right? But you’ve lost the battle right there. never come here asking how to win, because you will only keep coming here, over and over and over again. You will never be the person writing “how to win”. I did this too, back in the hay-day of for Tekken tag, I had an incredibly horrid time fighting against Changs, I had no idea what to do against elbow, 1,1,1 spam. So, i first went and looked for a thread, “how to beat changs” Didn’t find it, BUT! in my searching I found the how to play changs thread. In this, I learned what the bad matchups were, what frame DISADVANTAGES the characters had, and later was able to go to the arcade, learn how to play changs, then later figure out twin pistons punishes that tactic i was losing to. but, instead of asking how do i beat this one strat, i learned the entire character, so when the person changed strats, i was able to adapt to it as well, and continually beat the characters/players. So take the time to learn a bit more, instead of asking for instant gratification, you will develop better as a player, I promise.

There is nothing like answering the question, “How much should I play to get good?” answer zero seconds or never leave your chair. You play the amount you think you should. If someone plays alot less than you, and is able to beat you, re-evaluate what you do when you play. There are games where game hours will be precedent, not just on execution, but just on shear game-knowledge. I.E. MvC2. MvC2 is a bit of anomaly that you can play it for 10yrs(like most of us, since it came out) and still not see some shit that has happened in a match. So what do you do, plug that bit of info into your memory database, the more you see it, the more it becomes reactionary to deal with instead of thought process of how to deal with it. In sports, if you think on defense, it means you already got beat.

Failure to experiment. This goes in with the title of, this character beats this character for free, or this is all that character can do. Coming here, to the bountiful knowledge of, is poisonous to some players. People see character rankings, or matchup charts, and blame their losing on that. Bullshit. I.E. Chikyu Sodom, VDO, Zaza bros(rip dasrik), the guy from the one evo i can’t remember in 3s that brought twelve and everyone called him twelve-neto. they play weaker characters, but they win, maybe not all the time, but they win. Why? they go learn matchups, and experiment that shit down. Zaza’s double wolvies, chikyu’s ST t.hawk, vdo’s ken/rogue/col. they sat down, and instead of learning only what everyone else is learning, they took that, and then went outside the box. You will never play like someone else, no matter how much you try, you just won’t do it. Bowling is a great example, Pins are always setup the exact same way, and you can try your hardest to bowl the exact same way as someone else, and the result never be the same. The phrase that caught on, go into the Lab(go into practice mode), really does mean go experiment, don’t just repeatedly practice mimicking someone’s style of play, it won’t work, you will plateau as a player. reverting to a TTT reference again, when i first learned how to wave dash, i took that knowledge, that wavedashing was mostly mishmias, but then I tried other characters that could crouch dash and figured out they could to, but with slight differences in inputs(i.e. hwo’s/paul’s). Lastly on this, 0-10 doesn’t exist, regardless of what you may think or hear, it honestly doesn’t exist. So don’t go looking to find a character that automatically wins, or blame your character for why you lost, there is always something, regardless of how trivial or small a tactic or strat it may be, you can do to win vs. someone. Don’t give up, try/experiment again, again, and again.

I hope this rant isn’t offensive to anyone. I only hope you read this not in hopes of finding the key to the universe, but the path in which the key may lie.


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Paper only beats rock. Loses to scissors every time.

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you know, this time i find the trolling appropriate.

OP you’ll live a long life if you never have to tell anyone what to do with themselves

This is the reason why new generaton players hate us so much. Way to introduce newbies to Street Fighter douche.

Can we please close this thread? Stop feeding the trolls.

This is the reason why new generaton players hate us so much. Way to introduce newbies to Street Fighter douche.

Can we please close this thread? Stop feeding the trolls.

Edit: Double post for some reason, sorry not intended.

Perhaps a better approach would have been:

“Yeah sadly fighting games are really conducive to cookie cutter answers. There are in terms of this move beats this other move but in the whole spectrum of what you can do, that’s too organic really grasp since players play their characters for the most part differently.”

nominated for article

Agree with the intended sentiment. However there are some 10-0 matches out there IMO, they are few and far between but they exist. Also, knowledge bombs are nice to have. They are a poor substitute for learning on your own but it can save a lot of time.

I would say that most cookie answers can be figured out in training mode, but there is a lot of mental and extra stuff that practice and expirementation all by oneself would never yield.

Wait, seriously?! 10-0 matchups?!.. I need one example! just one!

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Ivan Ooze vs anyone except the overpowered Mugen chars

Ivan Ooze vs anyone except the overpowered Mugen chars

sentinel vs servbot

nah. my theory is that if you can do damage to a char, then you can beat them. servbot could at least get a lucky hit.

that doesnt factor into matchup theory fighting.

once heard Q was 2-8 vs Ken and Chun Li. then I saw Kuroda take his pants off and give Justin and some other Ken player who was just as good the most brutal raping I’ve ever seen in a while. fuck “matchup theory”

-_- then dont talk about 10-0 matchups if you feel that way. one match or two doesnt change the matchup. if he beat two players then theres the 2.

justin wong playing servbot is going to lose to sanford kelly playing sentinel 10 times.

and storm could fight ivan ooze.

ST Akuma vs Zangief